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The Fightback,,,,, What's happening with it?

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I feel things have been a little quiet recently regarding everything thats happened to the club in the last couple of years.

We have had the good news with the BTC result, but what about the reaction? The HMRC petition is slowing and the media are very quiet on the subject, funny that at one time it was all the media spoke ,wrote, or posted about..... keeping them very busy.

The BTC, where did it start? who started it? What links if any does all this have with Celtic? Is it not strange that with everything we have lost or stand to lose Celtic seem to gain from it?

I cant help but think if the shoe was on the other foot, they would not rest until they found the culprits.

With the size of our club and all the lives it touches i cant believe there is not any public figures i.e. Barristers, Lawyers, or MP's demanding a Public enquiry into the dealings of this whole sorry episode outwith the need for a petition.

From the Btc, the sale of the club, Whyte's tactics and misdemeanours, FARE's focus on our fans only, administration process, sanctions from the governing bodies and the corruption in these bodies, Players leaving after advice from SPFA, Ongoing title stripping investigations, SPFA counter claims from Players over TUPE.

Lets be clear here our club was close to extinction so much so that it was on life support but now its walking and TALKING again, this is because of the one thing that culprits did not envisage,,,,,the fightback from our fans, the absolute heartbeat of the club!

Ladies and Gentlemen this stinks from the high heavens and we all know it!! We need to find the clues and put the pieces together It's up to us, keep digging, keep asking, keep sharing, dont become lacklustre and complacent. Lets show that we truely are the people, the people of this magnificent club, keep the fightback up!!! Rangers then Rangers now Rangers FOREVER!!

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1873??..are you sure pal...mmmm..fishy..

I was always under the impression that WE yes WE as in RANGERS were formed in 1873 hence why im kelvd1873, but thanks to Rangersmedia i NOW know our first game was in 1872. Anyway Im not a Rangers historian just a fan who wants to see someone brought to task over all this shit!!!

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