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In any walk of life you will find that if somebody does a good deed and then commits a "heinous" act a few months later people are only going to remember them for the latter.

I don't believe that these guys were naive enough to not know which direction their stock with the fans would have gone in if they decided to leave for free after taking a pay cut.

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Plain fact is some of the players who left did the honourable thing and waited until a transfer fee was agreed. So we can respect their wishes to move on and they go with our best wishes and thanks for their contribution to Rangers. And they would be welcomed back at Ibrox. They left in a decent way that we could respect.

As for the others - it was (as Charles put it) terminal greed. Just looking not only to line their own pockets but in doing so to contribute in a material way to harming Rangers. It's as simple as that. No matter how they want to dress it up, or to spin it, or to weasle word their rationale - their terminal greed harmed Rangers and is a lasting insult to Bears whose loyalty to Rangers paid their very good wages. For that I find it hard to see how the memory of their time at Rangers could be respected to the point where they would be made to feel welcome. Their terminal greed lost them the honour to be described as once a Ranger always a Ranger (as Ally put it). It was their choice and like so many choices in life it cannot be undone or explained away,.

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for some reason only saw the phone picture and not the following text...so now see the quotes.

Although, all NaeSoul is saying he will not accept a personel lawsuit or whatever. We should be going for Everton, not players.

Everton did not break a contract with us. They assisted NaeSoul in breaking his contract with us.

Ultimately, it's the players we have to go for legally.

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Will the real Paysmith stand up ?


“It’s in the hands of lawyers while all I’m interested in is playing football.

“I felt I was free to move and I did. All I was interested in was playing football and doing as well as I can in my career."


"“I’m not looking to go after the club for money for 90 days pay or anything like that, it’s not something I’m interested in."

Taking a 3 month pay cut must have been so hard a sacrifice for the multi-millionaire. After all with only 25% of his wages he'd have to get by on a mere 5 grand a week. What a fucking hero.

His bleating should fall on deaf ears. He could have tupe'd over and then organised his transfer, which would have given Rangers some much needed cash.

Instead he looked out for himself and ditched Rangers.

His choice to make, but he has to live with the consequences. He is not only dead to Rangers fans, he never lived.

Him, Lafferty and all the other rats can stop wasting their time crawling in the papers and greeting crocodile tears about why they left.

We ain't buying it and you can rot in hell.

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No matter how Naismith tries to rewrite history or allude to unknown factors being behind his behaviour the fact remains he actively sought to harm Rangers during his press conference by stating that the club was dead, a new entity to which he owed no loyalty was in its place. This only served his own selfish interests and gave support to our enemies. When you add in the fact that he could have transferred over thereby securing a minimal fee much needed by the club then I think its pretty apparent, even to those close to him, that his motivations are all selfish. This 'man' was never a fan. He still had plenty of years in front of him as an international and top flight player, he and his advisers know that he was never going to struggle to find a move away from Rangers, so it can only have been about Naismith maximising the benefits to himself. His present stance with regard to any court actions raised against him prove this.

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Rangers fan ahaha. suck my big loyal blue cock ye fucking judas cunt. never welcome in ibrox ever again, you or the other traitors. the "looking after family" didn't seem to concern the two super lee's or big neil, true rangers men. wish the guy would just stop mentioning us he doesn't deserve to speak about the rangers.

Love it - straight to the point and a crystal clear message! (tu):clap:

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He's pissing off the Everton fans too with his comments about higher demands and intensity at Rangers.

Footballers, Don’t you just love them ?!

folder.png Posted in Everton FC


As the headline says , ‘Footballers, don’t you just love them’ ?! They never cease to amaze me, I often at times question if they have ANY common sense at all. I read this morning that Steven Naismith misses the intensity of playing for Rangers apparently ! Now for me a player making these kind of comments would be only qualified to do so if a) he was guaranteed a starting place every week at his club. b) Was absolutely tearing the place up and M.o.M every week. c) Was sold against his wishes from the said club he was missing ! Now by my reading of the situation Steven Naismith doesn’t qualify for even one of the three qualifying statements let alone all three !!

This is what Naismith had to say to the the Daily Record :

‘I liked how standards or expectations were that high that there was no hiding place. Any time you drop points at Rangers its a bad result. I liked that intensity of an old firm player. The expectation was so high and there was no hiding place. Any game you do not win is a bad result. You needed to win every game. I liked that there was no hiding place – it made you a better player.

You are never going to change that. A lot of things will need to happen for that to change, but I grew up around Glasgow supporting one half of the old firm. It was the norm for me.

In a way at Everton there isn’t as much intensity and scrutiny as Rangers but the expectation is still there and that comes from the manager. We want to finish in the Top4 and there is an expectation when you play. But if we go away to play Manchester United or City and get a draw its a decent result. That is where it differs from Rangers.’

Now I would suggest that if Rangers ever got the chance to play Manchester United or City and got a draw it would be a bit more than a decent result !! In response to his last line !!!

Anyway, back on topic. These comments to me smack of a player that just does not understand the club or its fanbase ! Since Naismith’s arrival from Rangers after HE decided to transfer his contract and not stay at Rangers, he has hardly forced David Moyes’ hand in picking him every week. Now these comments aside, I am in the ‘give him time’ corner as he looks to posses an ability for getting into the right areas of the penalty area and always seems to get at least one presentable chance per game.

We must not forget that he is only just recovering from a serious knee injury which takes time and the more he trains the fitter and sharper he will become. I do not think he is a wide player , more likely to play off the striker for me and you can see at times his understanding with Nikica Jelavic is a good one. However, his form has been patchy at best and he has also missed some really presentable and important chances and some supporters have written him off already. Therefore it is a very dangerous thing to risk upsetting the supporters even more with comments which won’t exactly endear him to already doubting sections of supporters.

If I could speak directly to Steven, I would inform him that I expect Everton to win EVERY game we play and there is no relaxing intensity from me. Our supporters are vociferous and travel up and down the country to watch the Blues and they EXPECT a top performance every time the players step out onto the pitch. If Naismith does not feel as though the intensity is there then I suggest to him that he injects it into his game as there are quite a few supporters who are not seeing any intensity or quality at times from our ‘Blonde Bombshell’ from Scotland. I am also quite sure David Moyes will have something to say to Naismith regarding these comments.

I also find it hard to comprehend that he misses a league where Rangers only had four competitive games a season and they were the Old Firm games. maybe he misses being so much better than the rest of the teams and players in the division whereas in England its 38 hard games a season and at the moment there are not many players he has been better than in his short Everton career.

His big problem is he must try and dislodge probably Everton’s most exciting player in Kevin Mirallas, and to be honest I just do not see him doing that at the moment. His comments are probably filled with some frustration that he is not a first choice player but that is down to him to produce performances that make the manager think. Like I say he has got something and I am prepared to give him time to develop but he needs to be in touch with the fans and not to alienate fans. I am sure he will say his comments have been taken the wrong way, however, if he really does miss Rangers then I do not think many would miss him.

Players will come and go but supporters remain the one constant in the life of a football club. No kissing of the badge, boyhood tales of supporting the club etc will ever come close to what we feel for our club. The majority of us would play for free to wear the Blue shirt so therefore we deserve the utmost respect not some cheap interview with a newspaper. I try not to get too emotionally attached to players anymore especially in this day and age as money motivates most players, and therefore the temptation is for them to keep moving on. The one thing I expect though is respect for the supporters who you represent and in this instance I think Naismith has got this one wrong. I will allow him one mistake and only one ! He must now knuckle down and show us the intensity he craves up North, it is needed here Steven so let us see what you are made of !

Just for you Steven … NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM ( That should clear up for you what our expectations are !!!)


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Poor poor paysmith ran to the SPFA and their taig lawyer and was given advice.

He was too thick too realise that they wanted to ruin Rangers and took that advice.

It was your choice son, and you chose wrongly through greed.

He has already been removed from the hearts and minds of everything Rangers. You are an ex Kilmarnock player forever.

Not welcome in Ibrox

Not welcome in Ayrshire.

Not welcome in Scotland.

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