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Police assulting fans in BF1

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would actually love it if this was true for the simple fact that maybe it takes something like this for the government and rangers to realise what a police state this is regarding football fans. fucking joke, id love to batter the police cunts with their own battons.

Think before you post.

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I,m a 53 year old man and have stood in the old Copland Road end and the East Enclosure over the years and been involved in some magnificent atmospheres at many a Rangers game home and away.I would

People can say what they want. I seen with my own eyes liberties being took by Police and I will be reporting what I saw

I despair. Absolutely disgusting comment. Embarrassing.

If this is true that the police blocked the exits....

Match commander should be in the dock for reckless endangerment.

Scotish Law

Reckless endangerment: A person commits the crime of reckless endangerment if the person recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. “Reckless” conduct is conduct that exhibits a culpable disregard of foreseeable consequences to others from the act or omission involved. The accused need not intentionally cause a resulting harm or know that his conduct is substantially certain to cause that result. The ultimate question is whether, under all the circumstances, theaccessed's conduct was of that heedless nature that made it actually or imminently dangerous to the rights or safety of others.


Bingo (tu)

This is what I was thinking when I first heard about this. Surely fire regulations must have been broken as well.

Fucking disgrace if even part of any of this is true. Something's going to snap soon with this treatment.

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Funny how the SCUM @ Saville Dome don't have any of the hassle Rangers fans get @ home games fuckin joke.

ofcourse they do mate, silly comment. anyone in a scottish football ground that isn't content on sitting on his hands politely clapping is seen as dangerous and are heavily stewarded and policed. welcome to salmonds scotland. police state, and people want the crowds back at grounds ha ha.

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Think before you post.

I genuinely do, i sincerely hope people aren't seriously hurt but the sad thing is it takes something serious like this to actually be noticed and for the people to demand a change in scotland becoming a police state. Nothing will change unless something goes over the top and is caught on camera. just my opinion.

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Question,,,What are the police at football matches for?Surely it's to safeguard the innocent in the event of trouble or to help out in the event of emergency.With very small away support travelling to Ibrox,what are the chances of any trouble? NIL I would say.This 'policing' is coating Rangers money to boot. :pipe:

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defo not bull. The section was walking out in protest and half got locked in. The ones on the inside have been batton charged. Their are people with head injury's. Horse's are out aswell.

All started because they were lifting people at random for nout from BF1

Not good.

sorry but I support the police as much as the troops and I just don't believe the cops were lifting people for nout!!

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I thought it was because of the sectarian singing. Like it or not that is ILLEGAL in SNP Scotland.

I bet the club get fined cause of it!

The guys need to stop the sectarian songs, they have been great all season until tonight!

Fuck right off.

You are clueless.

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Well we now live in the Orwellian state where our everyday actions are overseen by CCTV - all in the name of safety and security you understand! That's why they're not called speed cameras anymore but "safety" cameras.

My advice to anyone who felt he/she was unjustly treated by the police tonight - and indeed at any other game at Ibrox is to lodge an official complaint via legal assistance if required.

All incidents within the ground and its immediate parameters will be covered by CCTV and the footage should show any evidence of police over-reaction.

The police - and indeed the Club - utilise this medium to identify any person causing unrest within the stadium.

Might also be worth a call to the Head of Matchday Operations at The Stadium.

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I look forward to seeing a statement from both TBO & UB to Strathclyde Police and Rangers.

On note of "secterarian songs" I cannot deny that a certain line was sang from "Super Rangers", and perhaps that is all the police were waiting for the make a point.

I wouldn't be surprised if trouble started when one or two got lifted, an others challenged, and that escalated to trouble. If I was there, I would no doubt be looking for answers - and with police you always get the "we're in charge / none your business" and that escalates things more.

Let's hope for a detailed response from both fan groups, and hopefully something from Rangers on this.

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I was sitting in BF1 and will be writing an official complaint to Strathclyde Police.

They assaulted innocent fans when the 2nd goal went it, that's where it all went wrong.

Nothing to do with 'Sectarian Singing'

Brute-force was used on people well under the age of 16

Surrounded a van outside the game as if Ted Bundy was inside, I asked the Policeman very nicely "Is there someone dangerous in there.. Or just a Rangers fan" He threatened to arrest me, I asked him arrest me for what? He didn't have a response

Face it, we're treated as guilty people as soon as we step foot in BF1. I for one won't back down to them as I know my rights and so should everyone else

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