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***The Official Queen's Park v Rangers Thread***

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I wouldn't be surprised if Black comes straight back in.

He's been watching Lewis and Hutton to see how it's done. Yes, he's been poor this season, but he's not a poor player. I still think he'll come good. He needs to stop moaning during the games though. Watching Templeton he gets kicked all over the pitch. Doesn't whinge or moan, he shakes it off, gets up and goes at them again. Hopefully we'll see the real Ian Black soon. No Surrender Ian Black!

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Just a thought for all those slating Ally (yet again..), just remember he brought Aird and Sandaza on. Sandaza sucked in the defenders there to leave Aird free to curl that one in to the far post. Qua

You can actually hear the tears in Andy Walker's voice - tarrier scum

I've had a ticket for this for a month. Guess wit fanny slept in....

I hope Black will show his previous form soon but to sideline either Hutton or MacLeod to make way for him would be really unfair.

Hutton would get dropped for Black, MacLeod is first pick every game and quite rightly so. I think it would be harsh to drop Hutton as him and Lewis seem brilliant together and haven't done anything wrong. If I was Ally I'd make Ian work his arse off to get back into the team, a little bit of competition doesn't harm anyone.

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Looking for a good Rangers win. I'm sure Ally is setting them straight about not letting any complacency in and that the hunger for a good win translates into goals for us and a defence that concentrates and stops slack play. There is a league to be won and lets get another win to hasten the day. With huge numbers of Bears at the game lets make a real noise for the team and let Hampden hear some great support for the mighty Rangers. Here's to a good win for Rangers and a good away day for the Bears.

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I,m just enjoying the image of the SFA muppets seeing their national stadium hampden park

witnessing a third division sfl league game and rangers fans in their thousands

getting more punters than there over priced semi - final cup games.

As powers to be they should be embarrased by the spectacle

The young players on show the future of scottish football or should be

will they be so willing to play for this same organisation one day.

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Oooft half 6 a got to ma bed this morning! Time for a shower, brekkie and head for the bus!

Cany wait!

Judging by the mental posting last night, there's gonna be quite a few hungover and knackered bears this morning. And one or two too embarrassed to show their face. :pipe:

Expect to hear the famous Hampden Groan today :lol:

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