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One thing I will say about Hampden...

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Their lodgers are a bunch of fantasists, conmen and cheats who'll be struggling to pay their rent. I'd evict them right now if I had my way before the bailiffs come chapping the door in the new year. Oh, btw, send the arrears bill to a certain Peter sumffin c/o summwere near ra forgE.

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Aye, they are pretty decent actually. The negatives still outweigh the positives though.

I was away up the back just under the roof and it was boggin. Could do with a power wash or something. Just one of many little things I noticed but they all add up to a shite stadium.

And £2.50 for a coke?

Robbing bastards!

And trying to get out of the West Stand was a nightmare!

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Screens were quality, ours need sorted.

Hampden's quite shit for the view too far away from the park.

Hampden is pish.... simply BECAUSE fans are sooooooooooo far away from the pitch.... this effects the sound.... Hampden is a crap type of stadium for generating fan-sound... why ?

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You know I was thinking that ... it amazed me why such a big club as Rangers does absolutely nothing with 2 of their prize assets :anguish:

I've bemoaned our screens till I'm blue( r) in the face.

They are total gash. too small, wrong shape, pixels all burned out. Whyte shafted us big time yet again!

Hampden's screens were far superior obviously, but it was the use they made of them that impressed me most

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Waste of time....and monies.

As for who is playing..... at Ibrox we give out players names.... :)

Yes I know - I'm smart enough to write them down when they're announced.

You, on the other hand can't even tell the difference between the QP Kids atrocious goalie and the Rangers Kids awesome goalie. :pipe:

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