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favourite away day so far?

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Berwick was brilliant

The town was so welcoming, the weather was glorious, the fans in awesomely good cheer

- until the dire game finally sapped the life out of us.

Montrose was great too for those who could actually see the pitch - though a little nervy towards the end.

Clyde was freezing - but a pretty good atmosphere

Falkirk was just Falkirk :(

Queen's Park was historic - Glasgow's 2 great clubs meeting again to create yet more history.

and that's all I've been to so far.

Roll on 2013. :21:

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What little you remember of it!

What was that you were saying about Hutton again? I didn't quite catch it

- the first 3000 times!!! :lol:

Haha I was making up for having the babysit Davie on the way up (that boy does not like a certain lawyer!). I post about Hutton on here nearly every day so should know I will point it out a million times in person too :lol: Safe to say it's a good away day when you're doing the one eye shut drunk texting at 2/3pm.

Seriously though QP and Montrose were absolutely terrible games for the first half, would drive you to drink.

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Montrose was an exciting 2nd half though

QP - dire for 92 minutes, then the best game of the season for 1 minute :21:

I'd boosted to the boozer both games :lol: Regret doing it at Montrose but the view at QP was terrible and felt guilty as had to stand infront of an old boy which meant he couldn't see. Don't think I'll do QP again though forgot how much of a shite hole Hampden is, amazing when you get a better view at many 3rd Division clubs than the Scotland national teams stadium.

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Brechin. Was just glad to see the team back on the pitch after all that went on during the summer. No licence until the Friday before the game. All the players leaving. No pre season games. All in all a f##king nightmare.

Bears were in fine voice as usual. The guy who climbed the floodlight for a bit of shoe shoe shoe shoe'r it is old and it is beautiful.

Plenty of booze and an extra time winner from jig.

All the away games have been good days out but for me the sight of the Rangers kicking off at Brechin actually brought a tear to my eye simply because there were days during the summer when I thought I wouldn't see them again.

Well along the road to reclaim our throne now. NS.

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