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Neil Alexander he stayed for the fight!

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How many chances were missed by the front men today? A mistake by Alexander or any goalie looks bad, but stick it in the net at the other end first and it doesn't matter.

Biased loyal.....:lol:

Exactly, if we had been 3 or 4 up at the time it would not even merit comment

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It was a complete freak error of a goal but these things happen even to the best keepers. Especially when they aren't involved for large chunks of the game.

We should have been out of sight anyway but a mixture of lethargic play and poor finishing allowed it to happen. Alexander is a very solid keeper and will recover from this no bother.

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Aye we all stayed for the fight but,we dont go chucking points away,Alexaander does not have the concentration to be idle for 89 min,and make a comfortale save at 90.

Wheesht ya daftie, he's had a lot fewer 'uncharacteristic errors' than shagger did. Fact is we weren't clinical enough in front of goal despite the many chances we created. I felt we played better yesterday than we did at Annan, with Wallace and Temps creating a lot down the left flank.

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