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So what happens when we get promotion do WI go into second league or stay in the 3rd next season

We will be playing against 3rd and 2nd division clubs next season.

The SPL will be playing along side 1st division clubs.

I bet know one around the world thought Scottish football could become any more of a joke than what it was.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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" Word of advice gentlemen. From now on be very careful when talking or writing about this club. "


This (tu)

Also, given the hundreds of radio pundits, "journalists" and reporters who have dissed us in past 18 months to choose from, he has specifically focussed on

two in particular.

Are they just "unlucky" or are we going to focus on some of the most vehement.

Any more info yet on who those two are ?

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Excellent start by JT.

Hope he continues to ask questions of the idiots running our game.

We have never asked for a leg up from reconstruction yet the spin in the media saying we will be in the bottom tier, implying we wanted back to the top tier.

Longmuir has changed his tune, last I heard from him thier was no hurry for reconstruction now it is being pushed through for next season.

Can't believe they are going with the split into 3 x 8 what a load of pish.

We must take a stand on broadcasting rights, the viewing figures don't lie we are scottish football.

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Us bloggers can all retire now

None of that talk Bill, we can do with as many Rangers voices as possible, so don't go leaving it to just one. Anyway, you talk enough sense yourself to be worth reading.

A good piece by JT. I particulary liked the way he connected the current idiotic bunch running our game with their stupid, hateful and bigotrous way they treated us during the summer.

It may be that anything he has to saw in the months ahead about how idiotic they are will also be very topical.

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