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Earliest date the league can be wrapped up?


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I wouldn't say QOTS are romping D2 anymore than we are D3.

17 points clear just after the halfway point is pretty close to a romp though.

Edit: I've missed your implication.

You're right - QOTS are not really any closer to clinching their title than we are ours. (tu)

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As I was saying,before the crazy guy rerouted everything,9th March? What do we think?

Could even be the end of next month(and to think we didnt even go top till Oct/Nov) cos everyone below us are capable of beating each other(East Stirling/Elgin!)

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Ibrox would be even better,bud.

We can still celebrate at Shamden as if it just happened!

Of course, goes without saying - but we've won plenty of titles at Ibrox - this is a once in a history opportunity to win a league title at the national stadium. We've won the Scottish Cup at Hampden; League Cup at Hampden and now we have a potential opportunity to win a division at Hampden too - but I doubt it would pan out like that anyway,

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