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Earliest date the league can be wrapped up?


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Magic number to clinch division is 21 points. Have to guess March 16th away @ Elgin City. Would prefer a home clinch but that would

mean Queen's Park would fall apart and I don't see that happening. They have the most attractive style of play of any of the division teams.

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As I was saying,before the crazy guy rerouted everything,9th March? What do we think?

Could even be the end of next month(and to think we didnt even go top till Oct/Nov) cos everyone below us are capable of beating each other(East Stirling/Elgin!)

I still wont be far away with this earlier prediction(maybe one week too premature).

QP will drop points...........we shouldn't!

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I was trying to figure this out during the game too.

We could have it sorted in the first or second weekend in March (going with the seven wins theory).

But (and this may be unpopular) I reckon we may drop some point away from home again soon. I'm not overly confident about next weekend's trip to Peterhead - I just hope I'm wrong!

im going to Berwick to watch us
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