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Perry - the new Gough?

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ffs. i have heard it all now. i take it friday nite at the apollo is not on so u start this shit? if yu honestly think that, you are dilussional, insane and need urgent medical attention at gartnavel royal or similar detention centre for the mentally ill

i doubt i wld give him a rangrers scarf tbh the way he has se about playing this year. wants to get of twitter and focus on not humping the ball as far as he can. two and half mins it took him against peterhead. wooooooooof. aye future rangers captain my arse.


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Fuck me swinging! doh That Buckie has got a lot to answer for :beer1:

Although I can see a similarity between Gough and Perry. They have got a heid, two legs, two arms and their hair is delightfully coiffured....Aw, Hawd the bus! That's Katy Perry I'm thinking aboot :D

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I'm currently sitting next to a Rangersmedia legend, an esteemed Gentleman.. We have had a good discussion about the merits of the current squad. We have come to the conclusion that Ross Perry is the new Richard Gough.

What do you think? History suggests that he is currently showing more than a certain 'tally ever did...

Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah etc.... grow-up.

Perry no harm to him ..... is a POOR MAN'S Gregor Stevens.

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No where near the level of Gough.

Perry has had some good moments this year but he needs to up his game if he wants to keep his place when when we can sign new players.

Perry is poor.... should NEVER EVER be on Rangers's books............... it can only show as to how FAR we HAVE fallen................. a rather crap player... me and my pals wouldn't EVER lose the ball to someone so bereft of talent.

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