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***The Official Dundee United v Rangers Thread***

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They should. Lets get a few things straight here... We have the second highest wage bill in Scotland. We have one of Britain's best training academies. We have a fan base like no other around us with

Wish all the negative cunts would fuk off Cribari who has played well since made one mistake. He has since made some grat tackles Lets get behind the team......................... mot out of this ye

carry our noise with the badge on your breast. give them hell at Tannadice!

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Our defence is just so bad its unreal. Wallace atleast is getting around the park but the others are doing nothing. I hope Ally has a few defenders in mind for the summer or we are fucked. I was scared that this would happen with Russell and i have been proved right

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What can he do? :lol:

The "sporting integrity" transfer ban stopped him from adding to the squad.

Not of signed some of the numpties in the first place, drop people who are week in week out shite, play people in their best position, get them actually doing some proper hard graft during the week and probably a hundred more things.

A lot of time we let our team off lightly because they win, in the past that would of been fine but FFS we are playing 3 rd division part timers most week and letting our team away with their awful performances because they win by a goal.

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The buck stops at the manager unfortunately. This isn't a surprising result so far, we've been conceding in the third division and we'll concede against better opposition every single game.

There's no more room for sentiment, we need to move on and move upwards with a fresh start. Green has to prove his strength and do the dirty work here.

Sorry Coisty, the jig's up big man.

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