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Traynor Marks Nimmo And SPL Cards

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The whole investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt. It reflects just how bitter and twisted our enemies are.

It is now obvious they will stop at nothing and will go the extra mile to punish our great club.

Their are people who's sole reason for existence is,and always will be, to damage us.

Once this fiasco is over we must never forget their behaviour.

This period should be useful in educating the younger bears in our family what us older bears have always known.

They hate our very existence and want us dead. Never forget

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good article but should have named the editors!!

He would leave himself open to libel then...very interesting read and it's true there can be no peace, no reconciliation if the agenda to strip titles and attack rangers continues....as it is there is alot of animosity but in a few years we will get back to football again...if they do proceed with these potential sanctions it will be decades before rangers fans contribute to Scottish football again and that will destroy our national game.

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We are at War on many fronts ,when this Battle is done we move on to the next one.

They will keep coming after us ,and we Rangers Fans must be ready for all of them.

We must not forget what they are trying to achieve , and we must remember the Attacks, and who are behind all of this.

All Rangers Fans need to understand what this is about , and we should make all our haters Pay when they decide on this.

142 Guests Scottish Football is most definitely at the Precipes.

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Great article by JT.

I did not realise that this commission centres on just 5 players and paperwork not being filed correctly?

The RFF funding the defence is a masterstroke and a clever manouvre.

Not suprised by the responces from editors in the press to us winning TBTC. Good to see JT having a pop back at the media who have tried to make a joke of his new job with Rangers.

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