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Davis wants to return

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No, under the TUPE process the exact same terms and conditions of the employment contract are transferred over.

(tu) Good man. Wasn't sure.

Makes it all even more unbelievable imo! Not one of them had any reasonable ground for jumping, but it seems one by one they're now trying to sound out moves back, hoping to become 'hero's' again. You couldn't make it up!

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I say this with a heavy heart because if i am honest, I really did like Davis, I thought he was a good captain, not a bad player and seemed an alright guy anytime I met him.


It is just these points that make me so angry that he should say he wishes to return. After everything OUR club did for him, after everything the fans DID for him, we cheered, we waited outside rain or snow just to get a glimpse of the 'Captain, we sang his name, we had his name emblazoned on our shirts and FOR WHAT????

The first sign of any trouble. and he is off. He is so devastated about his decision??? They thought the club was dead and the quicker they could jump ship for their own personal gain the better. They wanted bigger clubs, more money and their EGO'S couldn't bear the thought of playing in the Third Division.

I am sorry Steven but in my opinion, if you ever showed up at Ibrox, if I was Ally or whoever I wouldn't let you in the front door. So what we got peanuts money for him, the disrepect shown by the players who left, they really slapped everyone associated with Rangers in face, how hurt Ally must have been he is saying "...we dont do walking away..." and all these 'Rangers Men' were running not walking away. It was unbelieveable, the humilation brought on my club through those hellish months. Everyday someone else was leaving and the media and our enemies loved it After all the trophies, medals, accolades he got from Rangers, I really thought he would have been one of the few to stay but no when we needed these guys, they were gone.

I am sorry that you now find despite playing the PL, that Southampton are going nowhere, that we, a tiny 'third division outifit' are breaking all the recordS, paving a great new history with every game and will make history as we only go upwards.

Suddenly wanting back in the action, what is he going to wait till we are back in the SPL and jump right back in?

I am sorry I know people leave clubs all the time, but the way these guys we looked at as heroes, made heroes, it was REALLY was heartbreaking, and I am sorry but I hope he doesn't get given the chance to come back, I just can't forget everything. I am sorry if that spoils your sudden plans to come back and slum it with us, as many people have said, that was your decision so



p.s I find it astounding the amount of people saying they would have him back, so they want someone who deserted us, but Ally who has stuck with us through EVERYTHING, has to go??? People are ****** up.

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(tu) Good man. Wasn't sure.

Makes it all even more unbelievable imo! Not one of them had any reasonable ground for jumping, but it seems one by one they're now trying to sound out moves back, hoping to become 'hero's' again. You couldn't make it up!

Indeed mate. The wage cuts period was over so they were going to be getting their full salaries as well during any time waiting for a transfer, and if the club wasn't able to pay them they'd have been entitled to leave since it was a requirement of the employment transfer.

Really there was no risk to them, whatever they make out.

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Firstly, if he wanted to come back, I am sure he would come back at a fraction of his salary having bought himself out of his EPL contract... Thought not.

Secondly, during our administration the Captain of the club was anonymous and was totally overshadowed by McCulloch, when the opportunity to leave came, he didn't show the bottle to explain it to us, and the usual excuses are trotted out in this interview.

None of those players will ever convince me that it was uncertainty that made them leave. They have two options, the Whittaker/Naismith - it's not Rangers anymore one, or the 'I am not willing to play in the lower leagues one'. He surely fits into the second, but he just screwed up how he left, and that we got money was not down to the way he left, but down to Southampton not wanting to have a problem.

So, to summarise, No.

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Ex players must think we're buttoned up the back or something, they all go on about how much they love Rangers blah blah blah, but when it comes to leaving us all they do is think about their selves. Davis isn't getting any younger and if he did come back he would be past his best and be too old to sell on for a fee whilst picking up big wages every week.

You've made your bed now lie in it. You've went to a no mark football club and you will achieve fuck all else in your career.

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