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Real Madrid v Manchester United


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Anyone else getting excited yet?

Once Alex Ferguson leaves Man Utd I'll not give two shits about the club but I have to say I get quite into cheering them on in Europe.

Not sure how this will go, Reckon Utd's defence is a bit suspect to cope with Real's superstars however there's big game players and plenty of goals in that Utd side. Probably lacking a world class player in th middle.

Heading to pub at 6!! :D

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Can't wait, going to be a real tactical battle.

Ronaldo's bread and butter is on the left wing and he plays much of his football there.

If he isolates Rafeal he'll slaughter him. If i were Fergy, i'd use Valencia as a RM, he's played the Right Wing Back role often enough so asking him to man mark Ronaldo and protect Rafeal at RB seems logical. Valencias not a defender though, so his main priority will be matching Ronaldo for pace & strength - he's one of the few players in world football who probably can. Getting skinned because he can't tackle as well as a defender is a problem though, but when doubled up with Rafeal it's there best chance to keep the worlds best player quiet. Phil Jones recently did a good man marking job on Bale, but i think he picked up a knock, plus i think CR would rip him to shreds anyway.

If that is Fergusons approach, it might be countered by Mourinho. He might wing switch Ronaldo so one attack he's taking on Evra - it's unlikely Valencia would wing switch to match him, it would cause chaos to Man U's shape. Or he may just give Ronaldo a free role all together, but in doing so, it often has repercussions on defensive shape - and he'll need Ronaldo to really pull his weight in getting back to protect the away goals.

I think RVP & Rooney can really hurt Madrid aswell, more so than Benzema/higuian/Ozil & Di Maria can hurt United superior back 4 provided they keep CR quiet. RVP & Rooney can match up physically with Pepe & Ramos, which they don't like. Varane is a little inexperienced, Marcelo & Coentrau are horrible defenders, Arbeloa is average at best.

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Hard game to predict

Man for man Real are miles better, but it doesnt suit them to play a team sitting in and defending. If Man Utd go and try to play football they will get roasted. If they sit in 451 and defend , they could get a draw, or even nick it on the counter smash and grab.

Predict 3-1 Real Madrid

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