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Rangers release statement regarding singing at Berwick

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You're right the FANS were superb and have been all season. Unfortunately these morons who go to games and sing songs that only bring disrepute to our club spoil it for the actual FANS of our club.

In sorry but the assertion that those singing songs deemed by some to be offensive or sectarian aren't actual fans is completely wrong! The majority singing those songs are not doing so out of hate or bigotry or to deliberately be offensive or get the club in trouble...yes it may be misguided in this day and age but these are guys who devote a massive part of their lives to following rangers....when I was in Lyon and Valencia the songs were getting belted out all night...does that mean that me and everyone else there aren't actual fans?

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I don't think it's the case of any Bears being offended, or being a 'handwringer' (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean) - its about using common sense and:

a. Avoiding damaging the clubs reputation

b. Avoiding causing the club fines or point reductions

c. Avoiding a jail sentence

Everyone likes a sing song, but lets use some fucking common sense. For the majority, religion and Northern Ireland has little significance at the football.

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Define an "actual fan" for me.

I would say someone who puts Rangers first, he or she while attending games does not do anything that would reflect badly on the club. Real fans can leave their politics, religious views, predjuces at the turnstile. Morons choose to ignore the wishes of the club and the majority of real fans.

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It's good to see my human Rights, of being able to sing songs about paedophiles and terrorists at a football match are being protected. God bless these bastions of righteous indignation, they will go down in the annals of human history with the likes of Rosa Parks etc for they way they stand up to persecution.

It's very simple really.

The club have had to apologise for these actions. Stop it.

The club do not want us to continue those types of songs. Stop it.

The club needs us to stop it for the benefit of our future business interests. Stop it.

Think about what you'll be giving up by stopping these references in our songs, then think about what we very nearly lost last summer. What's more important?

Very well put, agree 100% mate - and as well as feeding those that are waiting in hope and expectation of us doing, exactly what we (RFC fans) did.

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Wasn't at the game and didn't see it as I don't have EPSN so I'm just going on what has been written on here and the stuff on You Tube. A few themes seem to be developing: -

1. Anger that the Club may have had a hand in the singing being raised as an issue: I think people need to accept that the leadership of the Club are not traditional Rangers people who are in any way engrained in this stuff. They are predominantly English and otherwise foreign. I suspect they don't understand or give a shit about this stuff. What they do care about is the reputation of the Club as this affects sponsorship and other revenue making opportunities. Also, if they are of the view this stuff damages the club then arguably as directors they owe an obligation to the shareholders (who remember are mainly institutions who definitely do not want to be attached to this stuff) to address it. I wouldn't rule out that the Club welcome this argument.

2. Anger that Rangers are getting attacked now for songs that have been sung for years: On another thread a poster was getting pelters for comparing the debate on songs to the abolition of slavery. She was taking that a bit for but the point still stands - attitudes to what is acceptable change over time and people have to change with them. Attitudes to sex equality in the work place is a better example. The kind of jokes and behaviour that made you a good lad years ago can now see you disciplined and fired, or dragged before an employment tribunal.

3. Anger that the filth don't get the same treatment for their IRA songs: I agree with that, however, we can't exactly take the moral high ground on their behaviour when this stuff is going on at Rangers games.

4. "Fuck what anyone says we'll do what we want": Okay, but it looks like the authorities are serious about going after people so doors will be getting knocked in. Also, if the Scottish football authorities were ever tempted to "get tough" on Rangers by deducting points the time is now - after all (a) the Club have acknowledged the singing and come out against it, (b) any reasonable points deductions will make no difference to the outcome of the league, and © as we all know its open season on the Club just now. I would worry more about the precedent it would set. It clearly isn't good for the Club so people need to decide for themselves whether they will do what the Club are asking or carry on regardless.

5. "There will be no atmosphere if the handwringers have their way": If Rangers fans can't create a good amosphere without singing a handful of troublesome songs and saying a few troublesome words then what the fuck is going on?

For what its worth, my view is people need to move with the times and stop making themselves a target. What we have to do to get onside with the law is actually not that much - its a few songs and words. People will say that if we stop signing those songs then others will be called into question and that there is an agenda to strip away all Rangers traditions. For me, the Club should issue a statement setting out the songs that it considers are not appropriate and support any actions by the police in respect of those songs. At the same time it should make quite clear that it supports the rights of supporters to sing all other songs that are generally sung and will fight against any moving of goalposts.

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David Murray banned TBB, he's gone. I dont recall Green telling us we cant sing these songs. When was the lat time we were punished for "sectarian singing"?

You're either playing devil's advocate very well, or you have a comprehensive lacking in common sense. The Billy Boys, all this UVF nonsense, anti religious songs and the like have no place in today's society. Green hasn't come out to tell us which songs specifically to ditch from the songbook as until now he probably hasn't been fully aware of how regressive some amongst our support are.

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David Murray banned TBB, he's gone. I dont recall Green telling us we cant sing these songs. When was the lat time we were punished for "sectarian singing"?

With that statement yesterday Rangers have clearly said that these songs are not welcome at our games. I wish that no songs other than those that are clearly abusive to a particular person at a match, like monkey chants when a black player gets the ball, were banned but the always offended mob brought this on us, i just wish they were judged like us, no more ira love ins at the piggery for example, but thats what being a vocal offended 'minority' gets you, immunity from the law it seems.

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