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SPL Commision - £250K fine to oldco, no titles lost

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"The one, the only... Clyde One Superscoreboard... with Hugh Keevins... Mark Guidi... Andy Walker... And Jim Duffy... "Here are your hosts: Gerry McCulloch... and Jim Delahunt..."

If they strip us of any titles we should just resign from the league tomorrow. I don't want to play in a corrupt system.

Can people stop tellin us whats goin on on kerrysalefuckinstreet, we dont give a fuck!

Can I just say something here.......................... Ya dancer! So relieved! Can move on now, great news! Well, we can mmove on but you know who will have plenty to say!

I am looking forward to the snyde phone in tonight, 1st time I will have listened in years but I want to hear them frothing at the mouth!

Great Banter!


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Never forget, how about some cunt at least acknowledge the blackmail and speak out about it. An injustice the press feel is not braw worthy.

Now I expect a slight tidal change and these people masquerading themselves as press and media should do what they should be doing.

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