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Why announce today? Diversion to bury SPL account filing?

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While the verdict today is welcome news, I have to question why today was the day chosen to release it - especially given that Lord Nimmo Smith has known about this since at least yesterday, but most probably since the end of last week.

So I was thinking what else happens on the last day in February.

Is the SPL year end in May? If it is then doesn't that make today the deadline for them to file their accounts?

I wonder if they have filed them...

I'm far from an expert in this area so I may well have got these dates wrong, and apologies if someone else has already mentioned this.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge of this area could look into it?

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I looked at the Companies House app on my phone about 11am and they weren't lodged at CH. About 12:15pm I refreshed my favourites and noticed "Accounts" next to their name had gone. I don't know how long it takes for things to be updated and it seemed very strange their accounts were lodged seemingly at that time (or even waiting till verdict actually known).

Maybe the notes to the accounts will be interesting. I can't wait until they've been scanned and available to the public. Or I suppose as they are filed electronically nowadays it might be as long.

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All we are looking for is the accounts to show things got worse.

Bare in mind we were in SPL for this then it woukd be a massive pointer that next years are going to be disastrous

Hearts are gubbed. We're not in them.

Tick fukn tock for the corrupt Fuckers

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