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Get Rangers back in the SPL before it's too late

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I would be more than happy going back to the SPL and pumping everyone.

Just a few things we need sorted out first.

1. Transfer ban ends immediately.

2. All prize money/transfer funds being withheld are returned to us. We'll be reasonable and only ask for the bank base rate of interest to be paid on all sums.

3. Compensation for loss of playing staff who left as a result of demotion. Again we'll be reasonable and go for lower end of the scale based on last season's valuations. Lets's say £20m.

4. Loss of revenue compensated. Advertising, reduced season ticket pricing, shorter cup runs due to weakened squad, TV revenue. Let's say £10m.

5. Full SFL membership with voting rights re-instated.

6. Full independent investigation into 5 way deal and who orchestrated campaign against us (even though we know who it was).

7. Immediate resignations of SPL and SFA board.

8. a full investigation into the finances of every other SPL club to see what was undiclosed.

You can have a think about it and get back to us when you're ready to agree our terms.

If not GTF and we'll see you in 2 years.

just added no. 8 there mate.

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The SPL/SFA will dance around this for months, ensuring that, throughout the upcoming transfer window, there will be uncertainty as to what league we will be playing in, be it SPL or 3rd Div, which will mean some players will not want to sign for us because we might be in Div 3. Same as they done last summer. Which will ensure that celtic, who are simply gutted over Nimmo Smiths decision, will at least be able to compete against a weakened Rangers, helping them on to another tainted title.

They couldnt kill us off for celtic. They couldnt take our titles for celtic. So fucking us over one more time for celtic is the least they can do.

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Not for me. We've started this new journey and I intend to see it through. In a hundred years time it'll be a pivotal point in our history that people will write books about. The 3 SFL trophies will have their own little spot in the trophy room and we'll look back and remember the times.

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I agree, we will win 3rd 2nd 1st Division and display those honours proudly, we will have returned to the top league on merit after being sent there through hatred. We will be able to say with pride that we have won every trophy available and won them fair and square. And not once did we stoop down to the level of bitterness and disgrace of the vhermin attempting to harm us. We will, as we always have been, the most successful and most dignified club in the land.

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Davie Provan is right, the SPHell does need Rangers, but we don't need the SPHell.

They mortally wounded us, then sent us to the 3rd Division to die. But they were far too cocky, celebrating our death before it had come. They underestimated our resilience, our will to live, our new leader, and of course, our battle cry.....The Cry Is No Surrender. Every other Saturday we stand nearly 50,000 strong, cheering on our team as they take us back towards the top. But we do it our way, with dignity, with pride, and with our heads held high, and without any 'fast-tracking'. This year we'll win the the 3rd division, next year the 2nd, and the following year the 1st, giving the Scottish League clubs a much needed cash boost in the process. Then, just as the SPHell are about to celebrate the return of the cash cow, we announce that we're off to join the Conference.


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I want Liewell and Lennon tarred and feathered and nailed to wooden posts in Bridgeton cross then i'll accept SPL status but as it stands i don't miss playing that shite.

We get big crowds and teams come to Ibrox to play fitba and we have no Europe till 2015 anyway so i'm happy where i am.

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We have a fairly predictable income / expenditure for our journey through the SFL. If Green says that financially it makes sense to go through the decisions then I'm happy to live with his decision. Do we need the SPL or do they need us more?

That said I have a have a feeling that 12-12-18 will be introduced for next season and that we will be part of the 12 team second tier.

If that happens then Ally has 12 months to sort out the playing squad and Green has 12 months to crush the entity known as the SPl. Both results are achievable.

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