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Poll time: Should Ally go at the end of the season?

Should Ally step down come May  

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  1. 1. Should Ally step down come May

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I recall the stick Ally got at the start of his playing career with us ! What if he had been forced to walk away then.

Back then he was a player, now he's a manager, different jobs. You can't really draw comparisons from that. He won the Golden Boot as a player does that mean we should expect the Champions League trophy as a manager? It's not the same.

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He deserves till xmas time, then if nothing has changed we can bring someone in before the transfer window opens .At least the new manager will not have the constraints put on him that Ally has had to put up with , and can be judged fairly with no excuses to cloud the issue .

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If that's aimed at me, then it's not me. I don't need to hide behind anything. The post on here is all I need, and so far it's proving most want Ally to leave at the end of the season.

most? Your poll says 47% want him to go. Last time i looked 47% did not equal most.
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Voted No

Saturday was the worst game I have ever been to but the player must take there share of flak for the performance or lack of it.

I would like Ally to get a crack at next season, we have years invested in Ally as Assistant and now Manager.

Ally needs to be harder with the players but the biggest problem is lack of competition for places and no consequences if someone has a bad game.

He needs to be given pre - season the start of next season if that means we replace a coach to bring in a different one with fresh ideas.

We have too much invested in Ally just to get rid.

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I don't know what people were expecting from a predominantly youth squad. Win every game home & away,Challenge cup,League cup & Scottish cup winners humiliating Celtic twice in the cups? I don't know if McCoist has a long term future as manager the football is poor but the job is getting done. If we didn't win the league there would be a problem.If we don't win every championship first time of asking on the way to the SPL there's a problem and he'll step down. We are in a process of rebuilding and that will take time. I think we should pull together and get us to title 55 asap, that will be made more difficult with division in the camp. I don't think a witch hunt against the manager is a good move at the moment. You have the right to show your displeasure when poor performances happen but shame on supporters of the agenda against a Rangers legend. Who will be happiest about McCoist getting the sack You or the soap dodgers?

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TBH I've not voted and yet I know he has to go ... you just can't easily divorce McCoist the legend from McCoist the manager

Cant I?

I posted a long winded reply in another thread today with my reasoning. And only a very very small part of it had anything to do with Ally the legend.

On ma phone so cant be bothered to look for it.

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Body language experts AND mind readers, impressive I gotta say, the knack of telling people why they think what they do is really an endearing quality, one I don't wish to have myself but then again I'm not up my.own arse and believe I know everything about peoples chain of thoughts

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Do you not think we should be doing SO much better in a league full of cannon fodder?

of course i think we should be doing better. I have never said everything is rosy mate.

Everyone thought we would breeze this league.

I just dont think changing the manager is needed yet.

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It's his judgement of players that worry me ... it may seem that we have a lot of money right now but what we have can't easily be replaced in lower league football and so I'm very nervous about giving him any more to spend

he wont evem be spending thar much thermo. Summer will a be frees and i cant imagine him spending serious cash in the jan.

If we change the manager. The first thing he will do is want different players.. they almost always do.

Now if this manager is a failure we will jave wasted even more cash.

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