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***The Official Rangers vs Stirling Albion thread****

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Play the kids! Who cares if it means we drop some points?! Boo the kids! We're dropping points!

"the ref's been right up with play so far, never more than a few yards away" He could achieve that on a fucking mobility scooter today.

Well said DJ If any of you missed it, he said on ESPN there .... "When Rangers win this title, they should give it to the fans and let them pass it around Ibrox, because they're the ones that won it

I still expect us to win because we are Rangers but in reality i would not be surprised to see us lose. Get two forwards on to fuck.

Fucking fed up watching this 4-1-4-1 pish, no point trying to dress this system up as another attacking system. Its one dimensional and Hemmings is standing upfront surrounded by four defenders. Stirling has two forwards working the channels and getting in behind our defence and holding the ball up waiting for support.

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Och cool yer jets.

He's right, nobody in thier right fucking mind would buy a season ticket or even pay £17 to watch this utter, utter shite.

Any sales in this current state are sold on nothing more than a love of the club, cause this football is is sunday league standard.

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our problem here is our CM's

They are non existent they are just sitting deep making 2 yard passes to each other and then passing it back to the defence who have to just boot it up to bypass the midfield, Crawford has been a huge disapointment he needs to be driving forward with the ball and making these 2 yard passes further up the field, Hutton has had his worst game in a long time he looks extremely clumsy on the ball and I have lost count of the amount of misplaced passes. Faure is completley non existent and no wonder he is a CB. Hegarty is a terrible full back aswell he must have a 10% pass rate.

So my idea get Hutton off for Andy Murdoch, Put Faure at CB and move McCulloch upfront beside Hemmings and we will start to see us play football.

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Pretty poor so far. Slack passing, hemmings a bit isolated. Its the lack of urgency that gets me, we look unfit.

I don't think we look unfit. The players look like they can't be bothered. I agree with Hemmings looking isolated. I think wee Robbie is supposed to be playing in the hole behind Hemmings but we haven't really got him in to the game either. He kind of looks lost out there at times.
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