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***The Official Rangers vs Stirling Albion thread****

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Play the kids! Who cares if it means we drop some points?! Boo the kids! We're dropping points!

"the ref's been right up with play so far, never more than a few yards away" He could achieve that on a fucking mobility scooter today.

Well said DJ If any of you missed it, he said on ESPN there .... "When Rangers win this title, they should give it to the fans and let them pass it around Ibrox, because they're the ones that won it

That was one of the most poisonous atmospheres I've heard at Ibrox in a long time. Thank fuck we have TBO and UB otherwise it would've sounded like murder in there today. If the poor standard of football doesn't put the kids off then that type of atmosphere will, nothing encouraging about it at all.

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Get us the fuck out of these shitty leagues and back to the top.. this journey can get to fuck. we need a whole new team and we need to be playing at the top level.

Sorry but we don't deserve to be in the top league if this is the level of performance the players are putting in and if this is the tactical awareness of our manager! Some of the subs were fucking ridiculous!!!!

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oh stop moaning guys we are going to win the league despite stiff competition from Johnny the plumber and Sam the policeman, and that is all that matters after all it's not like we have any aspirations or goals as long as we win the league everything is rosy.

I seen one of their players doing their school homework on the bench.

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