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Alex Mcleish Signings- Top 5?

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1 minute ago, GallantPioneer said:

I'm not saying leave Murty in. Take it to De Boer (for example) and if he says 'I'll take it in the summer' say no, we need THE MAN now.

Say we get McLeish on an interim basis we're back to square one. Is 2nd even that big a deal when you get in Europe with 3rd? Embarrassing as it is whether we're 2nd or 3rd we'll be miles behind 1st place (cant bring myself to say it)

If we say to De Boer we're not waiting for you till the summer, take it now or leave it, he'll leave it I think lol

Then we're stuck with the same 3/4 choices we have just now anyway

2nd place is a big deal just to the players/board, the fans might not see it like that but the lift that those players might get from going on a run and finishing 2nd is huge, as much as we don't like it at least 10/15 of those players will be in the squad next season

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On 19/03/2013 at 7:04 AM, stewaj3 said:

I was thinking earlier about how many good signings mcleish actually made? Who would make your top 5?

1. Prso

2. Novo

3. Boumsong

4. Hemdani

5. Boyd

Here's a list of signings

Kevin Muscat, Steven Thompson, Jerome Bonnisel, Dan Eggen, Nuno Capucho, Zurab Khizanishvilli, Paolo Vanoli, Henning Berg, Emerson, Egil Ostenstad, Hamed Namouchi, Gavin Rae, Barjim Fetai, Marc Kalenga, Dado Prso, Marvin Andrews, Alex Rae, Jean Alain Boumsong, Dragan Mladenovic, Nacho Novo, Olivier Bernard, Gregory Vignal, Bojan Djordic, Thomas Buffel, Sotrios Kygriakos, Ronald Watterus, Barry Ferguson, Ian Murray, Brahim Hemdani, Jose-Karl Pierre-Fanfan, Julien Rodriguez, Frank De Boer, Francis (Fox In The Box) Jeffers, Federico Niero, Danny N'Guessan, Filippo Maniero, Kris Boyd, Moses Ashikodi

I'm not including Arteta as id credit Advocaat with his signing, even though Mcleish was the manager when he joined, Its common knowledge Advocaat wanted him as soon as we played PSG and then as director of football, secured the signature.

Its pretty painful reading that list it says it all that if i did a top 10, by the time i got to the bottom it would look prettty grim, you look at some of those players there and think of the wages they'd have been on, plus some big fee's... I think Mcleish got very lucky that he inherited a lot of good players.

Players like Maniero, Rodriguez, Buffel, Pierre-Fanfan, Waterrus, Hemdani, Kygriakos, Jeffers, vanoli, berg, emerson, capucho, ostenstad... thats a lot of wages right there.

That list is exactly the reason I wouldn't want McLeish in charge.

Some of them are worse than Warburton's last transfer window.

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1 minute ago, Lance1697 said:

Need 2 CBs preferably, Hill as a backup

Can't expect him to play another 30-40 games next season, he's done very well as is to keep himself fit and playing!

Can't argue with that. If our defence was sorted to cut out the mistakes, we would have a reasonable unit to be going on with. 

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7 minutes ago, RAFREG said:

Can't argue with that. If our defence was sorted to cut out the mistakes, we would have a reasonable unit to be going on with. 

It's silly mistakes that we concede most of our goals from, we've got an error in every 1 of our defenders, silly errors at that.

Wallace is making more and more, Tav always does, Senderos is a bomb scare lol

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1 hour ago, GallantPioneer said:

Really don't want an interim manager. Even if it means waiting for the likes of De Boer in the summer.

Horrific visions of being 10 points behind them in September/October and the new man we appoint in the summer saying "we need time to gel."

Identify the man and get him now.

What if the man we need to take us forward for YEARS isn't available at the moment? 

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3 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

I think your memory is failing you on this one. Boumsong was like a dad playing against kids for most of that half-season. He only really let us down against Auxerre. All the talk about him being poor was when he went to Newcastle.

Edit: FFS just seen that this thread was bumped from 2013!


I was so confused at first.

Nah I never really thought he was as good as others seemed to. I think he got away with a lot of errors because people marked it up as being "too casual" because he's "too good for this league".

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