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Jon Daly impressed with Ally

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Another reason not to sign him. Why should I trust a professional footballer's opinion on what a manager knows? We have plenty of experts on here that disagree.

He can get to fuck, want him nowhere near our great club

I bet a lot of people on here wish you were anti breathing

For fuck sake.....I quess it had to happen eventually but I agree with you here....we do need some experienced players to aid the likes of Macleod and McKay....not 100% sure daly is the way to go myself but I don't think it would do us any harm to have one or two more 'leaders' on the park to supplement what I hope will be an (actual) young team over the next few seasons....

Tries hard not to laugh - fails !

I think a blind dog can see player development is key (we may disagree on Ally being that man) but that development does need to be tempered by some experience on the park and in the squad and we dont have much of that - so some experienece (a centre half who can header the ball - please) some youth and some inbetween will be the squad shape - trouble not many good young players going out of contract as if they are good they can go down south so I do think the 'final' shape of the squad is still 14 - 15 months away but getting in some out of contrct players will be good - also interesting to see who goes this summer.

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Just read this in the Sun online......

JON DALY last night revealed he would have no problem becoming the first high-profile Republic of Ireland star to sign for Rangers.

As i said...Ally wants to go down in the hostory books like Souness did with a high profile Catholic.

Breaking down barriers and all that shite!

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We already have an Irish player religion is no issue for me as i'm not religious at all.

U on about that smith fella? He will never play. If he's any good ( which I hear he isn't ) he's just using us like the Dylan mcgeuch bhoy that signed for Celtic . Free world class training facilities and a few quid for the pleasure of using it.

We really must put a stop to being used by these people....if daly signs it's purely for the money, which I know some people are fine with but it makes me uneasy, remember we are we're we are for signing players and coaching staff with days attitude. We kid ourselves into believing these guys ( and I'm even talking about some of my heroes) when they say there here cos we are a huge club, passionate fans, history tradition blah blah blah but in reality they don't give a fuck.

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