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Show us the secret television and media deal.


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It comes as no surprise to any Rangers supporter that the sfl 1 clubs are so desperate for money to survive that they will sign up to any new deal that would give their clubs more revenue because after all football is a business and every core business is based on making as much money as possible.

Who knows where this new revenue will come from is of paramount importance to these clubs and each chairman is duty bound to ask the question for the supporters of their clubs for proof of the new financial model from the spl that will be implemented if reconstruction goes ahead.

The most important aspect of the new restructuring model is finance and the biggest finance available to Scottish football at this moment in time is the television and media deal ( Sky and BT ) yet these deals are being held in secrecy apparently only for the eyes of Neil Doncaster and Peter Lawwell why? this is one of the questions that must be asked and answered before any chairman puts pen to paper and signs of on the new proposals for league reconstruction.

Charles green should be asking Sky television and BT just what the media deal involves and how much Rangers stand to make out of any deal. This years viewing figures although not great by any stretch of the immagination prove that Rangers are the biggest attraction in Scottish football to the paying customer it is our right to no just what it is we are signing up to before any deal is signed why the secrecy Doncaster and Lawwell?

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No statement = no questions to answer.

Two people trying to hoodwink Scottish football and walk it into the dark ages, yet not one journalist has the balls to ask for "clarification" now.

Corrupt to the core and not fit for purpose.

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