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Boyd scored tonight

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Im almost certain he will be a Rangers player again not sure how I feel about it though if im honest.

i have a source who hasba source close to kris. He told me biyd will certainly sign and only took the killie gig to get his fitness back up.
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I'm amazed people wouldn't take Boyd back. There are a number of things to think about;

1) His game was never about pace. Unlike Miller, getting a few years older wont after his mobility - if anything it'll improve his instincts.

2) He's only 29. Plenty of players haven't peaked until around this age, whose to say his best year or two isn't in front of him.

3) He actually looks in a better nick than he was when he left.

4) He openly admits he's made his money, so I don't think wages would be an issue. I wouldn't pay him by the goal though, that'd skin us.

Personally, I think he'd comfortably score 30+ for the next two seasons and worth a £4k-£5k outlay. I know some will grudge the way he left, but he's still a Ger and he'll still put the ball away for fun. We need to be realistic in who we sign and goals are a valuable commodity.

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12 goals in 3 years in the championship, turkish league, mls, and spl.

Plus the, what 6?, goals he score for us between jan '10 anf his departure.

Sign him up

Edit: interestin stat, for me anyway, kenny millers scored 43 goals in the same period playing in the same leagues.

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Boyd was murder first time round (despite the goals)

Imagine how bad he will look in a team with no creativity in the lower leagues against hatchet men and defenders that just clear their lines constant.

No thanks. I'd take Miller or Novo before him and that's saying something.

Boyd is long past it which is some feat considering he's about 29??

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