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King : Bomber should stand vindicated by Rangers fans

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Still waiting for someone, ANYONE to actually PROVE that Whyte had anything to do with Sevco (either of 'em) or anything else THIS side of NewCo.

Until then - everything is bollox.

You'd think they would check the companies house records that were posted on here earlier. His name is nowhere to be seen, nor his Fenian pal Aidan

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Another hatchet job by a supposed 'fan'??

Iain King who wrote Wee Barry's book.

Bomber who's main backers were tims. And dodgy ones at that.

CG has picked up the pieces of the mess and has taken us over the first hurdle.

He will be the one which history shows saved Rangers.

Not some google eye who took us to the brink.

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Another hatchet job by a supposed 'fan'??

Iain King who wrote Wee Barry's book.

Bomber who's main backers were tims. And dodgy ones at that.

CG has picked up the pieces of the mess and has taken us over the first hurdle.

He will be the one which history shows saved Rangers.

Not some google eye who took us to the brink.

His last column I read on here was fucking horrible

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Scunnered by how idiotic the Scottish media is. An utter fucking embarrassment

Mate they are a joke and the lack of balance and factual headlines/information is embarrassing!

Not directed at you mate but I do hope people take heed of how the media have twisted this specific story when it comes to making snap judgments based on tabloid nonsense whether that be about us or individual like David goodwillie and billy davies who have both been tarred by the same sensationalised and inaccurate media yet some will judge them and form opinions based on that!

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The Bomber doesn't need to be vindicated by anybody and especially he doesn't need to be championed by a tit like king who earns his dough now for a dying rhag making mischief about The Biggest Institution in Scotland. The Rangers, who will always be that, just like The Bomber who will always be a Rangers Legend ! :sherlock:

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The way in which the Sun has taken his word as fact in this article is quite remarkable.

The way in which they are taking quotes from the now irrelevant pre-CVA meetings is even more remarkable.

Tomorrow they break the staggering news that it got quite chilly indeed in winter 2010.

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JOHN BROWN should today stand vindicated in the eyes of every Rangers fan.

He was justified in the creeping fear that haunted him over Charles Green’s Rangers takeover.

When he stood on the Ibrox steps last June and made that passionate address over the future of the club he loves Brown’s unbridled passion was too much for some.

Bomber tackled that speech the way he tore into Eric Cantona in that famous Champions League triumph over Leeds United back in 1992. He didn’t flinch once.

At the core of Brown’s worries over the future of Gers lay one key question: “Who holds the keys to Ibrox and Murray Park?”

Bomber was adamant that the spectre of Sevco 5088 and Craig Whyte still hovered over the bloodied and battered Govan giants.

In his quest to lead a fans’ takeover of Rangers the Nine in a Row hard-man made some vital mistakes. He would be the first to admit that now.

He courted property tycoon Stevie McKenna as a major investor, a businessman with a Celtic background, and in this highly-charged football arena that would prove to be a telling blunder.

That fatal error made it easy for Brown’s detractors to paint the easy caricature. He was just a fan with a suit on shouting his mouth off with no real insight to the crisis enveloping his club.

On June 27, 2012 I sat with the ex-Gers star as he poured out his heart after his emotional departure from Murray Park and his role as a scout for close friend and former team-mate Ally McCoist.

Bomber had emptied his desk, he was convinced shamed former owner Whyte was still embroiled in the affairs of the stricken club. This morning’s Scottish Sun exclusive proves he was right.

Brown said back then: “I am making this decision because I believe the regime in charge are not the true owners of the football club.

“They have documents under Sevco but we want to know whose name is on the title deeds for Ibrox, Murray Park and the Albion Car Park.

“Once we see any hidden letters or personal guarantees tied to the deals we’ll know who owns Ibrox.

“That’s the key to the future of our club.”

Craig Whyte now claims Charles Green transferred those very assets from Sevco 5088 to the new Sevco Scotland vehicle illegally.

That is the issue at the heart of his looming £50million lawsuit that this morning rocked the club he dragged into the gutter.

Whyte insists Green fronted the original Sevco deal for HIM and that the flamboyant Yorkshireman didn’t have his permission – or that of Whyte’s partner Aidan Earley – to transfer the assets. What a nest of vipers.

As our editorial on the whole tawdry affair states this morning it is difficult to see who emerges with the LEAST credit.

Whyte, who crashed Gers into the buffers with £14million of unpaid taxes after losing out on the gamble when the club failed to qualify for Europe, is plunging the knife back into a club that has just climbed off its deathbed.

Or Green, who landed the club for the bargain basement price of £5.5million 10 months ago, and repeatedly insisted Whyte had nothing to do with Gers any more whilst by his own admission now behind the scenes he was up to his neck in dealings with the disgraced venture capitalist.

Amidst all the double-deals, the power-plays and the back-stabbing this morning I thought back to those mad months last summer.

John Brown has been a contact and friend of mine for many years, that is how journalists operate. That’s a given here.

I would hate to be his PR man, though; we have barneys all the time about how he is portrayed in the media. There are times when I just shake my head and tell him he is his own worst enemy.

The public perception of him as some wild-eyed football dinosaur is not the private man I know. He speaks with passion on the game and that will always have the capacity to land him in trouble. That’s Bomber. He’ll never change.

What struck me most as I pored through the news pages of the Scottish Sun this morning, though, was a memory that jarred me. A recollection of Charles Green’s reaction to Brown’s emotional outburst on the steps of Ibrox that night.

Green said then: "It's not right that a proportion of Rangers fans continue to attack my consortium and try to undermine our rescue plans. "It's not right that every two weeks a Mel Gibson appears, delivers a Braveheart statement, then doesn't deliver anything.

I thought that was hugely disrespectful to one of the major players in that fabled Nine in a Row team. He deserved better treatment than that from the custodian of the club.

Brown has now resurrected his career where he loves to be most, amongst players and on the training field in the midst of a doomed relegation fight at Dundee.

Before Saturday’s 3-0 home defeat from Euro favourites Motherwell, Bomber’s First Division bound side were unbeaten in four SPL matches since he took over from Barry Smith with six points out of 12.

The methods and the style of play are an argument for another day, he is in a results business and more than capable of fighting his own battles on that one.

He has made a convincing case, though, for landing the job to take the club back out of the combat zone after they take the drop.

Brown is learning, he won’t comment on the revelations that look set to leave Whyte and Green facing each other in a courtroom.

What can be said today, though, is that he should be vindicated in the eyes of the Rangers fans. He spoke from the heart for the right reasons; he asked the hard questions for no self-gain.

There are few in the corridors of power at Ibrox these days who can say that.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co...l#ixzz2PbplyLkE

You have exposed yourself for what you really are, seizing your opportunity to denigrate the man who stood up when all the other pretenders shat themselves, please someone in admin get this prick and his agendas to fuck off here.
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Must be some of King's worst work ever.

Brown's apparently vindicated because Whyte has made similar claims on the basis of irrelevant audio and the fact that the Sun, his paper, have decided to run with it.

There are no new quotes or excerpts of documents to back up this defence, but my God he's a decent passionate bloke that King likes, who may turn out to b e a decent manager and had to endure sarcasm from Green after making unfounded allegations which didn't convince Ally, Walter, or Sandy Jardine.

I am now completely convinced.

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I do kind of agree bomber has had a hard time of it from the support when he was asking valid questions. Maybe went about it in the wrong way but why would John bomber Brown fuck us off. Doesn't benefit us or him so nothing to gain.

Ah well fuck it. It must all be true then.

Bomber couldn't possibly have been misled by his timmy "cartel" that wanted to take over.

John's a good guy with Rangers at heart, but my god he was led up a garden path and a half with that one.

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The thing that got to me about John Brown was that when he spoke out last year all it did was cause further unrest and worry for us fans when Green had just taken over. Bomber was never realistically going to gain control of the club and hitting out when we were at our most vulnerable I found unpalatable as we were in such a precarious position, should been more upfront with his issues but urging to boycott was for me a step too far

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