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Our Relationship Is Fine

tam watp

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chef you are one strange guy. Still no reason for your so called support for the manager.

because I hold a glimmer of hope the guy will be a success and I won't really know till I see what he does next season. I won't write him of and say over and over he will never make it as a manager ;) like you
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Facts are indeed facts but your statement is an opinion! I would like to see what Ally can implement next season with stability and support throughout the summer before any change is made.

I have not once said that I don't back Ally. All I am saying is he could be doing with some fresh idea's. From different people.

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ALLY McCoist insists his working relationship with Charles Green is ‘absolutely fine.’

And Rangers' manager also made it clear he hasn’t entered into discussions with the chief executive about his coaching staff.

One paper reported this morning that McCoist had been asked to consider sacking Kenny McDowall and Ian Durrant to save his own job.

He is adamant the most important thing at present is that Gers are allowed to keep progressing off the back of their championship success 10 days ago.

“Charles knows my plans and hopes and beliefs for taking the club forward," McCoist said. "I’ve got a lot of things I would like to see fulfilled.

“We spoke for well over an hour on Saturday. It was absolutely constructive and we both agree we must take the club forward. We’ll meet again as soon as we possibly can.

“Charles and I spoke this morning very briefly and we’re organising another meeting either for later on today or tomorrow before the Linfield game.

“This isn’t about Ally McCoist, Charles Green or anybody else. It’s about the club and that has always, for more than 140 years, been the most important thing.

“We’ve just had the worst 18 months in the club’s history. We’ve been battered and bruised and been beaten about. That’s fine and that has been accepted.

“We’ve taken what has come our way and all we ask now is for an opportunity to move the club forward.

“I’m involved in things. I obviously don’t have the final say but I’d like to think my input valuable and is taken on board.

“That’s an important message to get out. Our working relationship is absolutely fine and I felt absolutely comfortable after we spoke at the weekend.

“Charles was very keen to put the record straight on a few matters involving the previous owner. He provided a reassurance I felt we needed and we deserved and I got it.”

McCoist pointed out that he and his colleagues have been part of huge successes in recent seasons. As well as guiding the team to the Third Division this term, they also won a trio of SPL titles between 2009 and 2011, three League Cups and two Scottish Cups under Walter Smith.

The manager added: “I can confirm right now that I have not entered any discussions at all with Charles regarding Kenny and Ian, my coaching staff.

“All I would say is that in the last five years, along with Walter, we have won three SPLs, numerous cups and got to a European final.

“We then had a season under Craig Whyte and we won a title again this year. That’s all I’ve got to say on that matter.

“I understand people have to ask questions and it would be hypocritical of me not to give the best answers I can.

“I’ll always tell the truth and the fans need to know what is going on. They need to know absolutely everything. I’ll tell them all I can and I certainly won’t keep them in the dark."

Why are we allowing the Daily Record to run with a story that is a complete fabrication. Jim Traynor, DO SOMETHING.
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Well we need fresh ideas Kenny and Ian have done there bit for the cause, Time to move them out and get fresh blood in. To me this is a fact and can't be argued against.

you want to sack two of the most experienced coaches in scotland :lol: and you call your opinion fact! :lol: oh dear

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I'll take it at face value - the relationship is fine and no discussions about current coaches. What I'm really keen to hear from Ally is the plans he mentioned in yet another interview a few weeks ago. The plans he was working on to take Rangers forward. Plans that would presumably include how he sees coaching and scouting developing and improving. That is not to say that people would be replaced (but a change in the scouting personnel has already happened). But some form of upgrading of coaching and scouting seem to me to be very much needed to start to generate a way of playing and winning that is a vast, vast improvement on the play we have seen in recent months. I sure would like the next joint statement Charles and Ally make is the announcement of the plans so that we can then start to see how the future stages of the recovery on the pitch are to be enabled.

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I don't see the big thing as to whether Alli and CG are best mates, it doesn't matter if CG hates the ground that Alli stands on what matters is results, an owner of a club could have the biggest dickhead in Europe in charge with an attitude that stinks but if his team is winning then the owner couldn't care, football is a results driven game and so long as you get them you will have a job.

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