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was working in polmedie today where they parked the hibs buses. Can confirm there is one rule for us and another for the other teams. Their fans were a disgrace, fucking scum. Have travelled all over watching gers and bar Manchester I am glad to say I have never seen gers fans behave like that in the kind of numbers I had to put up with today. They are obviously allowed to drink as much as they like on their buses with full support of Strathclyde police who stood watching and did fuck all, even watched one guy stumble off his bus open bottles of bud in each hand, lobs one of the bottles at 4 policemen then runs at them screaming wegie scum wegie scum, decides that's not enough so runs into the middle of the road starts dancing and singing fuck the h***s while swigging from his bottle of bud, proceeds to pull out his stinky wee cock and pishes in the middle of the road, while all the traffic has to stop and wait. Not one of the police batted an eye, not even a shout to tell him to move on, fuck all, no cameras recording them, no stopping them for drinking in the street, no moving on the 1000 or so that appeared after 30 mins and decided to fight with each other while having a party in the street for the next hour and a half, no stopping the buses even when they were all drinking and carrying case after case on. After about 50 minutes of the game the majority seemed to be at the buses having left the game, it was all kicking off fighting with each other and anybody who passed, they were lobbing bottles at the cars parked in our facility while banging all the windows and pissing on our door step for fucking hours, the police decided that was a good time to fuck off so they all jumped on their motor bikes and off they went, so if anyone from Strathclyde police is on here don't worry yourself im fine managed to fight them all for an hour and a half, all the buses have left now so no need for you to turn up now. Felt sorry for the tons of wee boys who were about 4 or 5 years old who went walking back to their buses after about 30 mins of the game dragging their flags behind them while their irate dads stormed ahead flinging bottles at each other(true story) Could have been such a special memory for them probably their first games at hampden but instead spent it watching their parents barny in the street. Ta to the bus driver who came over and apologised you were the only gent I seen all day. Sorry rant over.

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