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ST sales next season?

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Little injured.

Hemmings could replace him but no it's let's move my pal McCulloch instead.

Clueless doesn't even begin to describe McCoist. I've watched two seasons under him. There won't be a third.

And I don't give two monkeys fucks what the usual pricks on here will say.

Hemmings :lol:

See ye when were back at the top.

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I remember watching dreadful team under every manager, I remember watching dreadful teams coming to Ibrox and I remind myself this is Scottish football in general terms it's real dreadful. We either stick by our team and indirectly support Scottish football or we close down and go shopping with the wife. I will be supporting my team and as the song goes "we will follow on". Now stop you moaning and get your ticket bought.

I don't believe you.

I have been watching Rangers for over fifty years and whilst I have seen football that wasn't always the best it was always watchable.

Most of it even under John Greig was still entertaining and often very much so, even if the results were frustrating.

This season it has been the stuff of nightmares.

Pedestrian, ugly, unimaginative, shapeless and forlorn with hardly a hint of organisation or motivation from the players.

If it wasn't that it was Rangers no one who actually understands and likes football would watch it.

But next season may be better, next season is worth investing in (yes again) and next season is a turn of the page worth making, because we are a story and the book is being written in our lifetime and being part of it is our chance to make a history that will resound long after we have gone, and will be an inheritance that will shape the character of those we leave behind..

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