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Walter Smith - Non-Executive Chairman Confirmed by LSE

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Like everyone on here i love Walter but i really hope this is not gonna lead down the road of jobs for the boys.

Would still like Charles back in some capacity and would be great if they could work together although i can't see Charles coming back.

Oh and F*ck that Daily Rhecord rhag

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Personally I think its great news. Lets not forget hes not replacing Charles Green hes replacing Murray. It should be the chief ex job to have the great buisness plans and ideas to get the fans excit

FFS!!!! Dignified silence, jobs for the boys, daily rebel in the know, bbc welcomed, radio snyde welcomed and an sfa love-in. Hope I'm wrong.

Fantastic if true! The thing with Walter is he is not a business man but you can guarantee that whatever decisions he makes will be in the best interests of the club. Now this does not mean he will g

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It's a show appointment anyway as decisions are made by committee. Sir Walter needs no business acumen to be a chairman, ideally you want a businessman but SWS would have the same input if he was just a board member. I think it's an appointment of trust and stability, the stock market NEED stability for investors and a figure head like SWS at the heLm makes very clever business sense, probably short term, and will definitely sell season tickets.

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Has this actually been confirmed yet or are we all lazy bastards and still in bed?

Derinatley not what I expected, but then what does a chairman do as our one at works seems to be more a symbol as he has loads of expierencw in our business and well respected in it but is getting on a bit and doubt he has a major role in day to day business.

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I'm really not sure what to make of this. Seems,as has been suggested,that this could be a move made to sell season tickets. So rather than actually sorting this out,we've went for a short term option as I don't expect Walter to stay on as permanent chairman. Just my opinion of course,which could well be completely wrong :)

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