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The Greatest Rangers Quote?


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I'm sure it's a topic that will inspire intense debate on here.

Bill Struth's will obviously be mentioned, but for me, the one that means the most has to be Ally McCoist when asked if he'd considered leaving Rangers following administration.


"This is my club, the same as it is for thousands of other Rangers supporters. We don't do walking away."

Provided the mantra and the inspiration that helped to unite us all and play our part in saving our club. And for that, we will forever be grateful to Mr McCoist.

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Rangers Fans are born, we are not manufactured, we do not choose, we are chosen, those that dont understand dont matter, those that understand need no explanation.

Whos said that . Its an absolute topper.

We are the chosen few,

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"That is the story of the Rangers. They have had good times and bad times, critical times and times of exultation. No club with the same modest origin can claim so distinguished a record of achievement. They were not born in the lap of luxury. They have been the architects of their own fortune, and, simply because of that, they have become equipped with the moral resistive force to grapple with adversity, which is better than being coddled in the cradle and whining when the wind blows cold. May all who look upon the old club with a friendly eye stand prepared, by precept and example, to protect its interests and its good name."

- John Allan

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Albertz Q. Best Goal in football?

A. Free kick against Cetlic.

Next Q. Favourite moment in football?

A. See above answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Dado when asked his aims for the season replied "To score more goals than I get stitches"

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Reporter to Jock Wallace: "Mr Wallace, could you tell us if you would ever sign a catholic to play for Rangers."

Jock Wallace: "Aye son, I would"

Reporter: "And when would that be."

Jock Wallace (snarling) "When I find wan good enough tae play for us!"

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