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Craig Mather - Honoured And Privileged (Video Interview)

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As always....actions speak louder than words however he does say a few positive things in this interview re advertising, scouting and youth development....

I have been very critical of a percieved lack of progress on these fronts and others and I still think we should be doing more (noticeably at least) however I have heard now from 2 very good sources there is alot more going on behind the scenes than many of us give the club credit for....they are listening to the fans and hopefully (although they will never please everyone) in time more will see that!

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Decent interview, defending the club, does that mean now he is Officially in charge the gloves are off, thought I caught a sort of no more when he was talking about it.

Scarier says the proof will be in the actions, he seems committed, willing to take advice, as well as a structure being put in place.

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