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The volumes being sold suggest institutional investors or very rich market players, these sort of people have no interest in why supporters bought shares, their only goal is the mighty dollar and they will trample everything and anyone in their path to attain it.

Desperate Declan

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Because the sellers of the shares don't like what they are seeing the way the club is being run the money being spent or the failure to take action against crazy management wages, investors in those circumstances will get alarmed and start to attempt to minimise perceived losses i.e. dump shares, the worst possible scenario is a run on the shares let's all hope it doesn't come to that.

Desperate Declan

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Price done to 42p now

Dunno exactly what this means in terms of what's going on with rangers

But we have had approx 800,000 shares bought(or traded) in the last 2 days

No financial buffs on here care to speculate on what could be happening, if anything. That's a lot of shares to be shifted in 2 days IMO

If they shares had been bought originally for say 75p why would people want to sell them at a massive loss? Is that how it works?! I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to shares.

I though the point of buying shares is to sell them at a profit? Why would 800,000 shares become available at a massive loss to the person who bought them in the first, and why would they be willing to sell!?!?

The people that bought tgey shares probably bought them before the flotation. Am sure they were selling at around 20p before the flotation. If that is the case, still doubled their money.
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