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Aye heard they were singing about Lee Rigby and the Brentford fans were going nuts but as usual it won't be mentioned in press sweep sweep.

They are a disgrace and one day I hope they are named and shamed.

If they did indeed sing these songs the law of the land should take care of them.

Their actions should be highlighted by the English press and the whole of Britain made aware that these reptiles are enemies of the state.

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I'll break from political correctness here.

It's disgusting that they should sing songs about the rascist murder of anyone but does this surprise.

I am glad they sing these songs, why, I'll tell you why.

The more people out with republican Scotland that see these reptiles for what they are the better, it lets people see the real them.

Their sub human and it needs to be highlighted, who better to highlight it than themselves.

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Posted 20/7/2013 20:29

#27255 - in reply to #26519

Subject: Re: Slightly tasty friendlies

Stan Bowles

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I'm just back & struggling to contain the anger at what went on today. Our visitors sang songs celebrating the murder of drummer Lee Rigby, fights were provoked from early AM, balaclavas were worn, Provo flags and IRA chants continued throughout the game, multiple pitch invasions and finally Bees fans forced to take protection into their own hands thanks to the useless stewards and police.

Celtic fans tried to smash the Brook rd goal and set off the sprinklers. I have seen harder firms than this lot over the years but never such a mass of prehistoric knuckle dragging sub humans with so little respect for others.

Bees fans should take credit for their restraint and for not aping this tribe of morons intent on causing grief. That said the highlight of the day was seeing a bees fan chase one of these clowns back to the way end when he invaded the pitch making sectarian gestures after their 1st goal - 100 metres in under 10 seconds!

BFC need to hold their hands up and apologise to fans for this own goal of a game. Oh and a match took place, Celtic reserves vs a fairly weak Bees side (particularly 2nd half) we played pretty well considering - Harlee has a bad knock. Crowd was 8500 - my guess about 6000 Celtic.

Celtic FC your fans were a disgrace today, BFC must seek compensation!

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Posted 20/7/2013 21:24

#27256 - in reply to #26519

Subject: Re: Slightly tasty friendlies

Murray Jones

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I registered here because I feel I have to apologise for the Celtic support today, I was at the game and was totally disgusted at the constant IRA chanting, sectarian chanting and worst of all, the so called fans celebrating Lee Rigby's murder. Whatever fans believe in a political sense, they should still show respect to someone who was willing to give his life to defend us. Credit to Brentford fans, most other supports wouldn't have shown as much restraint as you did, all it would have taken is one spark and there could have been a riot the way some fans were today. Not all our fans are knuckle dragging idiots but a percentage is and unfortunately that percentage is the loudest and they drag many other fans down to their level. I'm utterly ashamed to be a Celtic fan today, so many of us let ourselves and the club we support down.

Read more: http://www.brentford.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=2789&start=76&posts=80#ixzz2ZduFrSKX

The above posts are from a Brentford fan and a Celtic fan. If these posts can be believed then the reports are true.

Now here's the thing. A few weeks ago BlueNoseBabe from this forum was telling us about Salmond's bad law of Objectionable Behaviour at football games could see one of our fans who sang the words of the original Billy Boys song at either Bristol or Sheffield could be charged under this law even although the offence took place outside Scotland. Also, a few weeks back, the Appeal Court overturned a Sheriff's decision and that it was now an offence to sing songs supporting the terrorist IRA. You would think that FoCUS would be doing their job and charging a few of these disgusting people who were chanting about terrorists and singing songs celebrating the death of a British soldier, which is surely objectionable to all of the Brenford fans at the game today at least. Bad law or not, it's on the books and should be enforced.

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