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Gazza charged with assault

The Dude

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Ex-England footballer Paul Gascoigne has been charged with two counts of common assault, police say.

More follows...

Guessing this is over the incident with his ex wife.


British Transport Police: Paul Gascoigne charged with two counts of common assault after incident at Stevenage railway station

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As a person now he is just not who we had as a player. Changed changed man and has refused so much help from people all over the country.

Only returned to plug his book for cash lets be honest. How many charity games has he turned down even just to appear in the stand. Only been back once if I remember right. Desperate man now who is close to killing himself.

Hope he can turn it around but its looking very doubtful. Very sad.

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Very sad what has happened to Gazza :( Fear its too late for him though, only has himself to blame as his friends have tried to help many times even paying for his rehab, not many people who have mates who would do that

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Gazza was a legend there is no taking that from him.

But he is also a man and a very miserable one at the minute.

Gazza has been given chance after chance and funding from every source.

Any addict is Personally responsible for his sobriety. Gazza refuses to grasp this. Putting himself in vulnerable situations TV etc.. So soon after basic recovery.

Any addict will also tell you the "Old Friends" and "Old hangouts" are also heavy relapse triggers.

Another thing doing 21 days in a fancy rehab is not recovery he needs to be looking at a 12 month residential rehab. With a half way living resettlement project for a further 12 months.

Can see him dying first though. Absolute shame there have been many others worse than him who now live Happy be that it may different lives.

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