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Inter-Forum ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Positions Game 2013-14

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Inter-Forum ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Positions Game 2013-14

Organized by Sunderland’s Black Cat Chat, Reading's Royals Rendezvous & Talk of the Terrace Forums

This game is already well established, several seasons running now. And dead easy! You simply guess ONCE (now!) what you think will be the final league positions for the Premier League 2013-14 (that’s all teams, in order 1st to 20th), leave them on this thread, and then sit back and enjoy! The Sunderland ‘Black Cat Chat’ forum does the rest all season. I am the representative from the Reading forum Royals Rendezvous, and last season we also had a strong Liverpool group too. But this season we’re going big time – let’s try to get over 20 forums involved. Talk of the Terrace are also going to be a point of reference for all.

Why the attraction of all this you may well ask?! Well, it’s now some time since we had those great days of the BBC 606 fans forum service – alas, most will remember it closed in June 2011 – so this is an ideal way to keep us all together still.

This game will initially take you a couple of minutes, and then enjoy without having to make updates at all, all season. Here right below are the current 20 Premier teams in alphabetical order – simply copy these onto your PC and re-arrange them in your finishing order come the end of the 2013-14 season:


Aston Villa

Cardiff City


Crystal Palace



Hull City


Manchester City

Manchester United

Newcastle United

Norwich City


Stoke City


Swansea City

Tottenham Hotspur

West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United

According to your choices you score lots of, or better still few, points. And how do you score points?

Scoring is as follows: For each team you score one point for each place away from its predicted position. Example - if you predict Sunderland to finish 9th and they finish 9th, you score 0 points (excellent predicting). If they finish 13th you score 4 points or if they finish 7th you score 2 points. Therefore, the nearer you get to the exact position and have less points mounting up the better of course. I will endeavour to make updates at the beginning of every month during the season out of interest, but all leaderboards during the season are given for interest.

IMPORTANT - The big winners are the people who have LEAST points after the final game has been played.

The table positions won’t change position so much in the later stages of the season so … how can we maintain interest you might be thinking?! Well, this season we have MONTHLY rewards for those in the top positions! For example, rewards for high positions at the end of every month (say, calculating from the REAL table on the 31st at 11.59pm!!). Here's the idea:

1st - take off 5 bonus points from score of best, so score dips even lower

2nd - take off 4 bonus points

3rd - take off 3 bonus points

4th - take off 2 bonus points

5th - take off 8 bonus point

Bonus Points for the most successful - Positions 1 to 5 (on points so there may well be far more than 5 people involved) will have from 5 to 1 point deducted - further helping their score. Their position for the deduction will be based on their (true) score, not taking any previous deductions into account.

Also, where forums have an entry of a minimum of five people there will be a ‘board average’ too, thus you’ll be able to see how your forum copes against many of the others. I believe it’s an average set against a yardstick of averages and not a simple add up and divide, but the order of forums will always be correct. We’ll also have some notable entries from media, press and public figures to spice it up too. And any individual can enter too, without being affiliated to any football forum, no problem there. In that case please leave your entry on THIS THREAD where just in this section any non-registered member is able to post.

Just one plea - Please use the team names given above, it's a pain in the a**e translating entries from WBA or W.B.A. or West B,A. etc. so that the Sunderland automatic process stands some chance. And although you may know who the **** are, the computer doesn't! Thanks!!

And enjoy it! But think hard before committing pen to paper, this selection will last you all season!! (If you change opinion and ideas, then please make a new post and not simply edit, in case I don't get to read your change).

ALL entries in before kick-off day (and if possible don't leave it to the final day, it will strangle us!!!).

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This was what I went for:

1 - Chelsea

2 - Manchester City

3 - Arsenal

4 - Manchester Utd

5 - Liverpool

6 - Tottenham Hotspur

7 - Everton

8 - Fulham

9 - West Bromwich Albion

10 - Newcastle United

11 - Swansea City

12 - Norwich City

13 - Sunderland

14 - Aston Villa

15 - Stoke City

16 - Cardiff City

17 - Crystal Palace

18 - West Ham United

19 - Southampton

20 - Hull City

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Entries so far:

HULL CITY – Not 606 Hull board 25

SWANSEA – Planet Swans 18

NEWCASTLE - The Toon Forum 16

FULHAM – Friends of Fulham 14

BARNSLEY – Talk of the Tarn Forum 13

BRIGHTON – North Stand Chat 12

DONCASTER – Viking Chat Forum 10

READING – Royals Rendezvous 9

WATFORD – WFC Forums 7

CARDIFF – Cardiff City Forum 5

BLACKPOOL – Back Henry Street Forum 5

Talk Of The Terrace (National Forum) 4

LEICESTER – Foxes Talk 3

DERBY – DCFC Fans Forum 4

WIGAN – This Northern Soul 3

BLACKBURN – Roverstalk 3

LIVERPOOL – Liverpool FC Forum 3

BURNLEY – The Longside 2

CHELSEA – Chelsea FC Forums 2

EVERTON – ToffeeTalk Forum 2


NORWICH CITY – Not 606 Norwich Board 2

CRYSTAL PALACE – Holmesdale Forum 2

MANCHESTER UNITED – United Lounge Forum 1

WBA – BaggiesZone 1

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I'm going to assume that not many people are interested - or maybe haven't seen this.

We've got 372 entries from 32 forums (plus two non-affiliated).

SWANSEA – Planet Swans 34

HULL CITY – Not 606 Hull board 29 (32, but includes 3 incorrect at present = 29)

NORWICH CITY – Not 606 Norwich Board 23

LEICESTER – Foxes Talk 22

WATFORD – WFC Forums 20

DERBY – DCFC Fans Forum 18

DONCASTER – Viking Chat Forum 17

LEEDS – Dirty Leeds forum 17

NEWCASTLE - The Toon Forum 16

FULHAM – Friends of Fulham 14

BARNSLEY – Talk of the Tarn Forum 13

BRIGHTON – North Stand Chat 12

LIVERPOOL – Liverpool FC Forum 12

QPR – Not 606 QPR Board 12

LEEDS – LUFC Talk 11

READING – Royals Rendezvous 11

BLACKPOOL – Back Henry Street Forum 10

CRYSTAL PALACE – Holmesdale Forum 9

PETERBOROUGH – The Official Posh Forum 8

Talk Of The Terrace (National Forum) 7

CHELSEA – Chelsea FC Forums 7 (8, but includes 1 incorrect at present = 7)

EVERTON – ToffeeTalk Forum 7

WBA – BaggiesZone 6

WBA – WBAZone 6

BLACKBURN – Roverstalk 5 (6, but includes 1 incorrect at present = 5)

BURNLEY – The Longside 5

CARDIFF – Cardiff City Forum 5

WIGAN – This Northern Soul 5


SUNDERLAND – Black Cat Chat Forum 3

Individual Non-affiliated Entries 2

MANCHESTER UNITED – United Lounge Forum 1


We're aiming for 500 entries - so have a go!

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