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Better Than the 'Panenka...?'

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Nacho Novo v Fiorentina... Best penalty I've ever seen :D

Still get shivers when I think of the moment... The tension had me on my knees practically chewing the rug beneath me. When Nacho scored... sheer elation mixed with relief and shoutin'n'bawlin' like a lunatic.

"A gallus wee man" indeed!

Did Ally not hit a Panenka pen at one point...? It may have even been at the Tennent's Sixes!

It would certainly have been the first time I witnessed such cheek... and so typically Ally.


:party: :party: :party: :party:


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I still love the Socrates penalty (in 82?). One step and blasts it into the postage stamp.

The bold Doc Soc... smoked like a lum and drank like a fish. Class act. (tu)

Penalty was in '86. (Unfortunately Joel Bats watched the footage too).

1982 was this strike. Simply wonderful.

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Thought you couldn't dummy penalties; only stutter in the run up?

Thought the same thing.

Quite lucky the keeper didn't get to it. Standing strike into the corner wasn't very powerful

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