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The Founders Trail Trip To Rosneath Sunday 27th October.

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Are you really so naive or are you just thick, You know absolutely nothing about this and your role as RST cheerleader makes you look rather foolish.

The people involved in the Founders Trail were fully aware of the William McBeath project they were asked to participate, The same way as the people of RM were. Many members of RM actually donated towards the costs, You must have been too busy looking for crumbs from the profiteers table at the time.

I suppose you don't really get high level security clearance as a run of the mill RST groupie

Why mention the RST?

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Why would I want or need to prove anything? The point was no individual or group should need recognition for something that was paid for by a large number of fans from different forums/groups.

The plaque at Fleshers Haugh was organised by one group but on the Founders Trail people are told it was paid for by Rangers fans and it's those fans who deserve the recognition.

What a horrible little FFer you are

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