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The Arsenal - Top Of The Table At New Year


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The record for 17 EPL games, 3 CL games, 1 League cup tie


Stadium now paid for, £50m extra revenue now per season due to rengotiated marketing deals taking effect this season, £30 million of annual dead wood wages off the books in the last close season, no debt unlike Man U , countries best manager, best signing of the summer.....and the manager still has £50 milion to spend in the January transfer window.

The Ozil signing has changed the whole shape of the Arsenal, they have proved they can now spend big and this signing will show to other world class players that Arsenal are moving forward. Previously none of the top players would come becaues they knew thety wouldnt compete at the top level.

Are we about to see the model of how a club should be run come good again or is it a false dawn?

RVP's body language is showing hes fed up 'up north'........could this be the big winter signing?

Hats off to Wenger, 8 years where he couldnt compete financially and yet he still has them getting a top 4 spot all through it to keep the money coming in

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To be honest mate although the form is excellent on paper, I think you need to look at the opposition and performances in such a scenario.

Results in this run have came against teams who were relegated last season(Wigan, Reading and QPR) other results were against teams who had nothing left to play for and were in holiday mode(WBA, Swansea and United)

Marseille and Fenerbache are not great teams IMO, whilst the win at Bayern was mainly down to them believing they were qualified from the first leg results.

It's a very good run, but I think many aspects have helped Arsenal on this run and the real test will come in the rest of the matches this year against Napoli, Dortmund, Swansea, United, City and Chelsea. If Arsenal continue on an impressive run and win some of those games, then they deserve numerous amounts of credit.

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On talksport half an hour ago there was an expert on talking about them, and he says, if I heard right, that puma will be the kit supplier next year from now on, and its the biggest deal in the country.

5 year deal worth £170 million. Excess of £30 mill a season... Still a bit away from city, but they could become serious challengers again.

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Very impressive run it has to be said and there's a good chance for them to keep it up in the league considering their next 4 fixtures

Swansea (A), West Brom (A), Norwich (H), Crystal Palace (A)

Can see them taking 9-12 points from those fixtures and that will put them in a really strong position come the tough games in November (tu)

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I would laugh if Arsenal won it this year. Especially with all the flak Wenger has took, and the board not spending any dosh. Ozil was the signing of the year in my opinion. If Arsenal can get their hands on a top striker in January, who knows. But they will need to spend big, very big.

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Just seen on Ssn that they made a profit this year, but only because RVB and sanga were sold or they would have lost approx £40m this year- not taking into account the Ozil signing yet either.

yep, but thats not taking into account the extra 50 million a year they will be getting from next season onwards and the 30 million a year they have saved from deadwood wages this summer.

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