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The Co-Op Bank

Carsons Dog

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In deep shit and desperate to plug a £1.5 billion hole

Lets hope they start by charging the Bheasts a fortune for their currently enhanced debts

I get the feeling that they probably can't change that abnormally low rate they are being charged. That is unless an investigation was to reveal that something was seriously wrong with the process under which the deal was negotiated. However I do wonder if there is any mechanism for repayment of any money within so many days if the bank was going bust. This is a situation worth keeping an eye on as it is just one of a number of things that have come to light where a certain organisation seem to have been fortunate enough to have received some very lucrative help that may or may not stand up to proper scrutiny.

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I say make Football clubs pay their bank debts to the co-op. All for commercial integrity and all that! Didn't we get that continually hurled at us when Lloyds took over BOS and we got told by Thimmy kidon Shareholders...pay back the debt! It was 18million, half of what the Eastenders are sitting at.

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