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The Louden Tavern - FOCUS and Alleged Banned Songs


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As taken from their facebook page just now (13:19pm - 22-10-13)

Just off the phone to FOCUS to ask them to clarify about 'Fathers Advice' and 'We're Coming Down The Road' (Carson's Army).

Basically their position is the songs in of themselves are not deemed illegal. However, it is how 'UVF' and 'YCV' that are in the songs are perceived - not their true usage that seems to be important.

We therefore, will strive to ensure that everyone within our premises understands the true meaning and background of these songs and the organisations mentioned within them.

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the start of The Great War. These songs are there to commemorate those who fought and died for our freedom in that conflict. We should not and cannot be allowed to forget the sacrifices that were made for our country.

I feel this is a line in the sand. We do not play songs that are deemed illegal under law. These songs do not fall under this category and until that changes we will continue to play them.

I will repeat what we often say: We do not do anything that would bring the name of Rangers into disrepute.

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