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Can the BBC be trusted to report on sectarianism


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If this is newsworthy how is upwards of 50,000 chanting Orange B###### not?

28 August 2013 BBC Scotland glasgow&west

Transport police hunt fans over sectarian singing

Six men are being sought following reports of drinking and sectarian singing on a train from Cumbernauld to Glasgow Queen Street.

The group, aged between 16 and 19, are thought to have been travelling to the Rangers v Berwick Rangers Ramsdens Cup tie at Ibrox on Tuesday night.

The train left Cumbernauld at 18:20 and arrived at Queen Street at 18:55.

British Transport Police appealed for anyone with information about the identity of the men to get in touch.

PC Caroline James said: "This obnoxious behaviour is totally unwarranted and other passengers not attending the match should be able to travel without encountering it."

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The BBC has lost all credibility in its ability to report in an unbiased, objective manner that deals with facts. This loss of credibility is most obvious when it comes to Rangers; not just by the constant misreporting or speculation that they present as facts, or constantly using language to antagonise the Rangers support but making a TV documentary that had to have obtained some of it’s information illegally, when it was proven wrong they failing to address the issue and correct this. The BBC have consistently proven to be poor reporters and witnesses to the truth and the facts of the matter.

So we should expect more of this behaviour as the recent history of the BBC has proved they are a corrupt and biased organisation, that fuels the flames of bigotedness in Scotland. They not just an untrustworthy source but they have become a byword for poor standards and slanted reporting. They are now a national joke and embarrassment.

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Reported in N.Ireland news section on BBC website today that 27 year old Brendan Nicholson from County Londonderry was jailed today for 4 months. His offence was committed back in 2012 where he daubed sectarian graffiti all over a primary school in Limavady.

His disgusting and shameful act of sectarianism on this kids school contained slogans about the IRA, the Queen and (Celtic).

I wonder if any media outlet in Scotland has chose to highlight this case given the direct link to their darling hoops?

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Ha-ha I'm not even sure the op is serious? The Beeb are only interested in putting the boot in to us every day...The report will go something like this"50.000 loyal and amazing junglejims had to put up with the dutch fans breaking seats murdering people and playing imaginary flutes whilst waving their Rangers scarves"

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BBC Scotland is toxic. All balance has been lost. Time it was shut down :(

I can't think of a time when they have been balanced.

The mhedia's jealousy and hatred towards Rangers has been rife for as long as I can remember.

Jealous of our achievements in Scotland and Europe.

Hatred towards everything our club and loyal fans(BEST IN THE WORLD!) stand for.

Fuck the mhedia, they need us to sell their rhags, we don't need then for anything!

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Not a chance, see the story today about a lad who joked on facebook send mair bullets and bombs to lennon and its all big bad Rangers fault yet the story highlighted earlier in this thread by Lancedeangers1 is tucked away where not many will read it (no offence meant to our Northern Irish cousins ) they say you cant trust Labour with the economy and you cant trust the Torys with the NHS well its time to add a new slogan to that, you cant trust the BBC with anything, be it your kids or to give you unbiased factual reporting.

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