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Honest question.. In the new football related bears den...

If you could only have one in your team who would it be Brian or Michael and why?

Just a bit of fun, surely the greatest footballing brothers ever? Closely followed by Ronald and frank de boer for me... We really have been privileged to see some greats at this club..

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True, if off-topic story: I used to be manager of the GAP store in Piccadilly Circus in London back in 2000/2001. One night, one of our sales guys managed to totally piss off Michael Laudrup by asking him, "Didn't you use to have a brother that played football?"

Poor fella knew fuck all about football, just heard me banging on about great Rangers players all day long.......Anyway, Brian for me.

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I'm blatantly biased but I have to say Brian. He's the greatest player I have ever seen in a Rangers jersey and probably the greatest player I have ever seen in the flesh on a consistent basis.

Michael was obviously a great player but for me I merely didn't see him enough live despite him not being that much older than Brian. The whole youtube/live streaming/live games on sky/social media aspect of life has evolved moreso in recent years and maybe if it was more readily available back then, then my opinion may be different. However, I simply didn't have many opportunities to see Michael on a regular basis whereas i had the privilege of seeing Brian week in week out. And he was simply THAT good. Handsome bastard too!

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