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The Founders Trail Road-Show.

The Moonlighter

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Since the Founders Trail first took to the streets of Glasgow in 2009 telling our astonishing story the most encouraging aspect of the project for us has been the positive feed-back centred around the on-going educational process.

Many young and old have shared their surprise on many points that we cover including the age of our Founders in 1872 when they formed the Club , and the spirit and determination they showed to ensure that the Rangers secured a lasting foot-hold in the new game of Association Football.

We are of course aware that due to time constraints, distance and cost many supporters can’t make the journey to Glasgow to join us on the Tour so we’ve decided to try and take out wonderful story out to you.

Earlier this year we were invited by a Masonic Lodge in Linwood to do a presentation on the Founders Story and the subsequent birth and growth of the Founders Trail at their Annual Dinner.

We were of course honoured and delighted to attend and put together a package which included a slide- show which told the story of our Founders individual life stories from child-hood on the shores of the Gareloch to their arrival in Glasgow and what became of them and our Club.

The education process is vital for us especially among our younger generation. The story of a group of kids coming into Glasgow from the country then forming what was to become the world’s most successful football Club is pure Hollywood but it’s fact and it’s our story.

From January 2014 we as a group are available to visit your Supporters Club , Lodge or group to do this presentation on what is the greatest sporting story of all.

Our contact details are as follows: thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com or by calling 0790 2855536

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