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please just go McCoist

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Punt, punt, punt. Half time, still not got a clue what to do, oh aye punt, some more.

McCulloch getting MOTM was fucken hilarious, he was the main punter for McCoist.

I love you, you're a legend, but please let us get a manager, because you're not one in a million years.

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11 wins out of 11 fuck off

I think it's when people think they know better than the manager and construct their point in a sneeringly disrespectful way.

McCoist hasn't a clue as a manager. We will never progress properly with him as manager. The same punt up the park, the same woeful free kick, the same awful corner kick, the same 11 men back at def

Dont start this

Why? Because it's fucken true. Once more 11 men in the box defending corners.

We were awful the first half, so you would think the half time team talk would be about how to change the game. We then punted the baw to no cunt 4 times in the first 5 minutes of the second half. I'm sorry but as a manager the guy doesn't have a clue. A real manager would have use destroying teams every week.

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Who gives a fuck? Do you watch the pish we put up with every week, or are you too busy chanting about the board and kidden on yer hamburg ultras?

we weren't great tonight at all, no-one can deny that, but our overall play has improved drastically from last season and we are winning every game by 3/4 goals. not sure what else McCoist can do

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Didn't see the game so shouldn't really comment, however, seem to remember under Walter a lot of games that would fit the description of all the wrongs of our current manager. Sorry, but Ally can stay in my book. His results this year show that he is better than a lot of folk give him credit for.

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You are fucking at it. :lol:

11 league wins out of a possible 11, a mere 2 weeks since the Brechin game where McCoist made all the right changes to come back with a win from 3-1 down, not to mention a far higher standard of play being shown this season already. This is one of the most laughable McCoist-bashing threads I've ever read on here. Fuck me, on a night like that and you're expecting Rangers to play like Barcelona. There was no way either team was going to be able to play pretty football tonight!

Thankfully, despite what many choose to believe, the general consensus among the Rangers support is not represented accurately on forums like this one.

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