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Any Rangers player you have met and thought what a guy !

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Boab Malcolm bought the company approx 20 vodkas and red bull one night in tiger tiger and me and a mate thought 'what a guy' as we methodically went through them as nobody else could keep up. A remember numan was drinkin a bottle of shampoo which the miserable bassa wouldn't share wae anybody ! Big Boab Legend ! (tu);):sherlock:

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Met Andy Little in Viper a few weeks ago, seemed like a good guy!

Although he's left I was standing beside Alan Hutton in kushion after the Scotland v Croatia game and for some reason I told him he played well.. Seemed like a happy enough guy, probably the first time he has been told that though :lol:

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Drank with Albertz and Artur Numan for 3 days in Hong Kong in May.

Absolute real top notch guys and completely Rangers mental considering they were not "born" into the family.

Big Marvin was brilliant as well. Mols was as quiet as a mouse.(tu)

That would've been great.

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