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They played in the same team but didn't speak to each other

The Widow's Son

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I'm sure that players don't always get along or even like each other. Perhaps the most famous example would be Teddy Sheringham and his Trinidadian team mate at Old Trafford. I've also heard that Hateley and Duncan Ferguson were not buddies at all. Brian McClair and Mo Johnson didn't like each other much at all either. Is this fairly common? In every job I've ever had, there have been some people I didn't care much for.

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Joey Barton & Karl Henry

Joey Barton and Jamie Tandy

Joey Barton and that crap French midfielder he battered on the training ground

Danny Mills and Eric Cuntona

Chris Sutton & Alan Shearer

Edward Sherringham and Andy Cole

Eyal Berkovic and John Hartson

Derek Hales and Mike Flanagan

Roy Keane and everyone he played with

Keith Gillespie and Alan Shearer

Kevin Keegan and Tommy Smith

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Nicky Barmby and Viv Anderson Barmby was/is married to an older woman who Big Viv used to give the black snake moan in the 80s. ---- Mike Newell and Chris Sutton, their wives fell out. ------ Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole, women again. -------- Karl Heinz Rummenigge hated Bertie Vogts and wouldn't even refer to him by name when they played for West Germany calling him only "The Orphan". -------- David Weir makes no secret of his dislike of Steven Pressley in his autobiography. --------- David Villa has accused Leo Messi of being egomaniacal. -------- Zlatan Ibrahimovic has accused Leo Messi of being egomaniacal. ------ Graham Souness and Alan Hansen didn't get along. -------- Gary Neville seems to be the only person at Old Trafford Roy Keane actually liked.

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