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Normal service resumed in Scottish mheeja - peter must be back


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Sectarian thug Neil McKenzie who sent letter bombs to Celtic manager Neil Lennon lands cushie job in prison

NEIL McKenzie's good behaviour has earned him well-paid number as privileged prison passman - the top job on his wing.

A SECTARIAN thug convicted of sending letter bombs to Neil Lennon has landed a plum job behind bars.

Neil McKenzie, 43, and cohort Trevor Muirhead, 45, waged a campaign against the Celtic boss and other high-profile figures.

McKenzie, from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, has been rewarded for good behaviour at Low Moss jail by being made a “passman” – the easiest and best-paid prison job.

Despite being handed five-year jail terms each last year, the pair could be freed as early as May.

McKenzie recently landed the privileged position on the prison’s Clyde wing.

His daily duties include cleaning bosses’ offices, sweeping corridors and scrubbing toilets and shower enclosures.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Every prisoner wants to be a passman because it gives them more freedom than other jobs.

A jail source said: “McKenzie has managed to keep himself out of trouble since he has been here and has now been rewarded by being given the top job on his wing.

“It’s only trusted cons who are given passman jobs as they allow the inmate to move more freely around their wing to carry out their duties.

“If someone is nearing the end of their sentence, they will often be given the post.

“The job comes with a weekly wage of £13 – a lot more than other jobs inside.”

The pair were given five years after being convicted of conspiracy to assault. They sent letter bomb packages to Lennon, Labour MSP Trish Godman and the late Paul McBride QC – a Celtic fan. McKenzie, a jobless builder and part-time tattoo artist, was also sentenced to 18 months, to run concurrently, on a separate charge of posting a hoax bomb to Lennon at Celtic Park.

Earlier charges of conspiracy to murder were dropped on the grounds the crude devices packed with nails that the pair posted would never have gone off.

As he has kept his nose clean, McKenzie will only serve half his sentence.

The Scottish Prison Service said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”


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"Earlier charges of conspiracy to murder were dropped on the grounds the crude devices packed with nails that the pair posted would never have gone off"

that's news to me..............I seem to remember in the press at the time that these devices were "viable"

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