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Gers behind us for years - Lennon


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They're hurting alright and they're needing us. I think they're shit-scared of Dave King putting cash into us. Imagine how they'll be if they go out of Europe before Xmas and don't get through the qualifiers in one or both of the next two seasons.


Neil Lennon relishing return of wounded rivals

CELTIC boss Neil Lennon expects Rangers to return to the top flight in a weakened state.

By: Iain Macfarlane Published: Mon, November 18, 2013

Neil Lennon does not think Rangers will pose the same threat as before if they get back to the SPL Lennon is odds on to lead the Parkhead club to four top-tier titles in succession before Ally McCoist’s Gers make the Premiership after liquidation of the oldco in 2012 saw them end up in the bottom rung of the league ladder.

But Rangers fans hoping for an immediate challenge to Celtic’s supremacy once the Light Blues are back alongside their greatest rivals in time for season 2015-16 are in for a shock, according to the Celtic gaffer.

He said: “The to-ing and fro-ing with Rangers is always exciting. You also miss the competitiveness and, of course, the game because it’s one of the greatest derbies.

“There is always drama and energy in those games.

“I don’t think Rangers will be as strong initially as they were, though, as they will have to build up slowly and stabilise.”

Rangers are on course for the League One title and hope to make light work of the Championship next term. But Lennon’s side, with title in the bag and Euro money to bank, will remain ahead of their great rivals for years to come – unless there’s a huge injection of cash at Ibrox.

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I don't see them as being that far ahead of us at the moment. All we need is a RB and a good passing midfielder. There is something wrong over there about the way they are losing players. You would think with two years of CL money they could hang on to their players. They look like they will lose Ledley and Foster this season. I would like to get them in the cup this season just to gauge our progress.

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In our first season back in the top division we'll be on to a winner regardless of whether we win the division or not... If we win at the first time of asking then it's a shite storm for them, we beat them in any game and it's going to be bad publicity for them... We finish second or above and it's a spectacular return from Rangers... It's our season regardless of the final outcome

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I think they have slipped back to the same level as the shite they play week in week out, but then again so have we i dont see them as a threat to us winning when we are back i see the players and management we have now as more of a threat to our success.

We have to drastically improve our playing squad and management team.

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The lemon is at one place every year on Christmas morning without fail .Sometimes his mate Ally joins him at a hospice near Clydebank .This is factual .Do you think if some bear asked him this question on Christmas morning he would get such a media friendly answer??

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Well, unlike Lawless, he seems to admit we are the same club. I would be amazed if we won it first time back, greatest ever title win IMO. I would be happy to finish second in the first season.

No serious challenge to Celtic will happen without a serious cash injection.

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